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L'Ambassade de l'Union du Myanmar en France Coordonnées: They also played in the American Consulate and in a school for the blind. To enter Myanmar, visitors must have a valid passport with an EVT (tourist entry visa). Romanian Embassy in the Kingdom of Thailand. Visas for the same day can be issued at the Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok.

Opening of the Myanmar Consulate in Los Angeles

As part of an important landmark in the US-Myanmar partnership, the first Myanmar consulate on the US western seaboard was formally opened in Los Angeles on May 2. With the opening of the consulate in Los Angeles city center on 3435 Wilshire Boulevard (Suite 1590), Myanmar will further enhance U.S.-Republic of Myanmar ties, according to a news item from the Network of Myanmar American Association (Net.MAA).

Mayor of Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Michael Antonovich presented U Kyaw Tin, Myanmar's United Nations permanent agent in New York, with a welcome role and U Aung Kyaw Zan, Myanmar's first U.S. Midwest U.S. Generalkonsul.

More than 200 civil servants and economic operators from both nations participated in the festivities, which lasted a year. US-Myanmar exchanges and the Galadinner, organized by the Network of Myanmar American Association, Aung Zay Media and the Myanmar Gazette, took place at the Hilton Universal Hotel. This was the first meeting of public, commercial and regulatory authorities to discuss information on cultural, tourist, social policy issues and investments between the United States and Myanmar.

A number of federal and California legislators took part in the meeting, according to the news item. Mr Kyaw Tin reaffirmed Myanmar's commitment to strengthening the country's bi-lateral relationship and strengthening trade with the US. The opening of the consulate reflects the US commitment and support for the Myanmar reforms, he said. US Aung Kyaw Zan, the reappointed Los Angeles General Consultant, said the historical landmark reflects the heyday of Myanmar's relationship with the US over the past four years.

His sincere dedication to Myanmar's expanding U.S. community, which numbers about 250,000 people, and to all Americans who want to learn more about Myanmar, was evident. Daw Khine Khine Nwe, co-general minister of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and member of the Myanmar Investment Commission, said in a vibrant podium debate with Jonathan Karp, managing partner of the Asia Society Southern California, that many companies in Myanmar take on CSR.

The MIC has encouraged international investor to act in a spirit of corporate and environmental responsibility," said Daw Khine Khine Nwe. Khine Daw Nwe said that corporate citizenship is part of Myanmar's cultural heritage and reflected the Burmese businessmen's wish and fondness for investments from the US and other West African states.

The US policy of easing penalties did not help Myanmar much, she said, as they were exposed and subjected to an inspection every year. As a result, many US corporations have adopted a wait-and-see stance on investments in Myanmar, she said. "Daw Khine Khine Nwe said, "If the US administration is really serious about aiding Myanmar, the penalties must be completely overturned.

During 2013, the year of the first US presidential trip to Myanmar by Barack Obama, the two nations concluded a CAFI. As part of an overall policy to promote the country's population' sourcing, the U.S. government is promoting good governance as part of an overall policy to promote the country's population' sophistication.

"U "U.S. corporations are playing a vital part in support of broad-based, sustained growth in Myanmar and are therefore contributing to the country's move towards a more open, integrative and dynamic society," said Daw Mimi Myint Hpu, Net.MAA's CRO.

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