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Kolkata Consulate in Myanmar

Did anyone use the consulate in Calcutta to get a visa to Myanmar? Consulate General of Myanmar in Kolkata, India. Face of Buddha, Myanmar. D block, Park Street Kolkata Monday through Friday: The Consulate General in Mandalay was reopened and the Consulate General of Myanmar in Calcutta was established.

Myanmar's General Consultant in Calcutta, Pyi Soe, died in a traffic accident in Jharkhand.

Nayo, his spouse, Tingung, a private secretary, and Vipin Singh, the injured rider, were taken to Medica Hospital in Ranchi. The Toyota Innova, in which Soe, 49, was on the road with his spouse and PA, was approached on the four-lane National Highway 2 in Nimiyaghat, about 200 km from the capitol Ranchi in Jharkhand, according to information from the local authorities.

The Kolkata of Bodh Gaya in Bihar after a private journey, said rioters. He and the three other men in the vehicle were taken to Meena General Hospital near Dumri, where the physicians pronounced Soe murder. Afterwards, his spouse and two other wounded were taken to a Medica hospital in Ranchi for medical care.

Kameshwar Prasad, a civilian surgeon, said that all three wounded are safe. Altough the police said a prod is on, officers said preliminaries indicate that Soe's fast-moving SUV took a keen turn right as the driver behaved to prevent beating a cyclist in front of him.

Soe who was named General Counsel in Calcutta on 6 December last year was in the back of the SUV, Giridih's acting commissar Umashankar Singh said. "When Soe' s bicycle took an sudden turn to the right in front of her in order to prevent a collision with the bicycle, the vehicle turned to the right and slipped onto the oncoming carriageway.

The condoned Soe's loss and asked the officers to provide the best possible care for his woman and the other two wounded.

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Did anyone use the consulate in Calcutta to get a Myanmar entry permit? Asking spirits want to know..... I have no answers... but I am also interested in the answers..... has never gotten an reply, but i suppose it is pretty straighforward. the fact that no one has postulated is suggesting a brief pause. since i come from states, i just fly into BKK and get them sized out there.

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