Myanmar Consulate Dubai

Dubai Consulate in Myanmar

Embassy of Myanmar in the United Arab Emirates. Consulate of Vietnam in Dubai, UAE. Applications can be made through the Chinese Consulate in Dubai. UAE Embassy in Myanmar: Detailed information on the locations of UAE embassies and consulates, including addresses, emails and telephone numbers. The majority of expatriates in the United Arab Emirates live in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

When you have a commercial permit, please ask our immigration experts for more information.

When you have a commercial permit, please ask our immigration experts for more information. When applying for a touristic visas, please read these instructions to get the visas from home: - Get your visas from us (visas collected from Myanmar international airports). Upon your arrivals the Myanmar Immigration Department will provide you with a Myanmar Citizenship Authorization Form with your name on it.

Once you have printed the form, you can register at Yangon, Naypyidaw or Mandalay Airport and receive it on your flight. Alternatively, please go to your local Myanmar embassy to submit your application.

Dubai embassies and consulates

Almost 100 overseas missions are in Abu Dhabi, the UAE's capitol, and Dubai is home to almost 80 missions. Consular offices are in large towns outside the capitol of a given nation and deal with smaller issues such as the issue of visa. As a rule, missions are open from Sunday to Thursday (UAE working week) and are close on Fridays, all UAE bank and home state bank days.

The opening hours depend on the message and the reason for the trip. Choose your consulate or embassy:

Consulate-General - Consulate General of Sri Lanka

Sharitha Yattogoda, Consul General for Sri Lanka in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, entered the civil service as Assistant Director of Commerce in the Sri Lanka Ministry of Commerce. In Sri Lanka's missions in Paris (France) he was Second Secretary of Commerce, Yangon (Myanmar) First Secretary of Commerce, Seoul (South Korea) Minister Counselor of Commerce and headed the departments Commerical & Economic Affairs of these missions.

At the Colombo headquarters, he has worked in various departments, including bilaterally, regionally, multilaterally and World trade organizations (WTO), which specialize in foreign commercial matters and foreign aid for foreign commerce. Yattogoda holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Economics from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and a Master of Arts (MA) in Economics from the University of Colombo.

He also received a postgraduate diploma in Commerce Policy from the World Commerce Organizing in Geneva and a four-month course on dynamic economic diplomacy for Sri Lanka provided by the Building State Capability, Center for Interna-tional Development at Harvard University, USA. In Switzerland, the Netherlands, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand etc. he has attended a series of trainings / workshop on the subject of global commerce and related topics.

In addition, Charitha Yattogoda has served Sri Lanka in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Maldives, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, China, USA, France, Spain, Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, the European Union, etc. as Head/Member of the Sri Lankan Governments Delegation to various overseas economic fora forums.

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