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Bangkok Consulate in Myanmar

Luxembourg Embassy in Bangkok. Wellcome to the website of the Hungarian Embassy in Bangkok! Myanmar doesn't have a visa when you arrive by car. Generally, the embassy in Bangkok is faster and easier than most others.

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You can apply for a visa at the Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok if you wish to leave the border. This is a wonderful 3-hour hike to Kanchanaburi, the window opens and the fuel shakes away, you can drive to Nam Tok and back if you want.

Sailing to Jolly Frog, cheaper, cleaner and nice at the riverbank, the next day, at seven, two dollars to go to the coach terminal and having lunch wait for the coach, The minivan goes outside or opposite 7/11. Motorbike took me to the hotel for $2 for the three-mile drive in the city.

Thailand, Bangkok

I' m not a Thailander or Burmester national, can I still send my application to Bangkok? No, not if you're here on a touristy-card. If you are in Thailand and have a legal residence license. When applying for a visas, please be aware that you must commit yourself to leaving the area before the end of the visas.

A longer sojourn, even with a current permission from the migration agency, could adversely impact your prospects for a new visas. You will need a visitor's license if you want to remain longer than 90 nights, no visas. Do you want me to compile the document into English or Swedisch?

We recommend presenting your document in either German or Spanish, but if your document is in a language other than German or Spanish, you should have it translated into German or Spanish. Do I need a Schengen entry permit? With your residence permit you can go to Sweden and usually to other Schengen countries.

However, it does not authorise automatic entry into the Schengen area. For example, you must specify how long you want to remain in Sweden and why you are coming to Sweden. Such controls may in some cases lead to the Schengen area or Sweden being refused entry by the holders of visas.

Once you have received your pass on a Schengen visas, make sure that all the information it contains is accurate. For more information, see'General information on the Schengen visa'. What is the duration of the process for a residency or work permission? I' ve already requested a residency card, is it possible to request a Schengen visas while I'm wait?

When all the conditions are met and there is no question that you will be leaving the Schengen area before the expiry of the Schengen Agreement it is possible to request a temporary stay visas while you have an open request for a residency authorisation. What do I need to know if my residency has been received at the embassy?

You will receive an automated e-mail as soon as the ticket is ready for collection. They have to await the residency to go to Sweden. I' m from the Philippines, do I have to come to Bangkok for biometry? Yes, in order to obtain a residency visa, you must first hand in your biometric data.

While you can travel to Bangkok without making an advance reservation, make sure you are present during the opening times of the visa department, see our website.

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