Myanmar comment Photo Download

Burma Comment Photo Download

Best funny pictures, videos, poems, gif sharing site in Myanmar. The first is the ability to upload or download photos with a Creative Commons license. Why can't you sell as a model in Myanmar? Amyda cartilaginea, Dokhtawady River, Myanmar . Usually after they took a picture, I'd show them the picture.

Writing Myanmar Poetry on Photo APK Download - Free Art & Design APP for Android

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PHOTOGALLERY: Pictures of Myanmar

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is located in Southeast Asia and borders Thailand, Laos, China, India and Bangladesh. It is a kind of cross between the more Indian Asia and the Far East of Asia. It is a vast crucible of human beings from neighbouring nations and different tribes.

Myanmar has two different climate zones. Southerly areas, which include the capitol Yangon, are moist and vaporous like the remainder of Southeast Asia. However, Myanmar's main and north areas are much dryer, with more extremes of temperature and temperature and significantly different scrub. Myanmar's landscape is very varied, with extensive grassy lowlands, long empty tropic shores, luxuriant woods, hills, plateaus and the long Ayerarwady river basin.

Burma is only entering the contemporary realm now that most of the West has imposed decade-long trading penalties on the nations. Burma is changing. Whilst advanced electronic, equipment and cars have already flooded the land, the Burmese still live a traditionally life. There is still little contact with the contemporary life in isolated areas.

This photo galery presents a mediley of 36 pictures from my last journey through Myanmar in 2013: humans, landscape, everyday living, temple, markets and living on the Ayerarwady River.

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