Myanmar Comedy Movies

Burma Comedy Movies

The people pass a cinema showing a Myanmar comedy film in downtown Yangon. Amy Adams, movie posters, science fiction, Hydrangea, Huwebes. To put it in a nutshell, this is a "comedy" about attempted rape. Romance,Comedy, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho Episode : Suchergebnisse für myanmar funny movies videos.

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Zarganar " (also referred to as Zaganar (Burmese: ?????; also Zargana; pronounced[zà??nà]); b. January 27, 1961) is a beloved Myanmar amateur, movie star and movie producer as well as a harsh critique and often convict of the Myanmar army regime. Well-known for his evil wordplay against the Myanmar army regime, Zarganar, whose name is translated as "tweezers", is regarded as the most beloved of Myanmar's comedians and satirists.

He had already had a successful career during his student days when he performed at Yangon University under his pseudonym Zarganar (tweezers) showing comedy amateurs. Zarganar soon became a byword when his company appeared on Burma TV in programs of someeint ( "anyeint", a kind of Burma's local theatre). He went on fulltime after studying dental medicine.

Zaganar, Myanmar's celebrated politician and comic, is reading the note he sent to his home mates in jail after being discharged from the Yangon, Myanmar administration on October 13, 2011. Zarganar soon came into conflict with the police in 1997 for his film Lun and was promptly banished from showbiz for another three years.

In 2000 he was permitted to make movies (but still no comedy shows or theatrical performances). Zarganar has been banished from show biz for an indefinite period of time since May 2006 because he gave an audio report to the BBC. Tsarganar assisted to revive the arts by turning the size on its head. Humorously opposing the censorship of the Burmese authorities, his any one shows aroused great interest among Burmese of all colours and drew new generation of fan.

Tsarganar did not create the skill of using the wordplay and ambiguities that have long been part of Burma's tradition of humour, but rather perfect them in many ways in the Myanmar vernacular. The soundtrack of the single-syllable Myanmar speech with many homeophones seemed to be particularly suitable for dual conversations. PeopIlS were lined to his gaudevillian programs stuffed with apparently blameless stupid jokes among entertainers, not only because they were scathingly humorous, but also because they wisely emphasized the faults of governmen.

Zarganar and his companions were the major attraction of their show in the mid-80s. Folks went to the comedy studios first and then to the beautiful actresses. Today, All-in-One shows are still nominees for feminine actors, but most folks go to the comedian' s coummin'cial commentator. Some of the most beloved shows are performed by the likes of Thee-Lay-Thee, who are ready to make a joke of the state.

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