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Myanmar STD codes and area codes. Myanmar from Great Britain. Telephone prefixes and local numbers in Myanmar by city. Telephone prefixes Myanmar. Burma International Country & Area Codes.

Call Myanmar International Area Code.

Burma National Trade Portal - TradeInfo

Hints for the use of the goods searching feature? Myanmar classifies goods according to the HS Code (Harmonized System), which conforms to the ASEAN Harmonized Customs Nomenclature (AHTN). The current rate for each item can be viewed using the options below. Below each product code you will see the basic rate of the most-favoured and the rate according to the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement-ATIGA obligation that applies to other ASEAN member states.

Burma is a contracting state to a series of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) concluded between ASEAN on account of all Member States and other states. Preference customs duties are applied to products coming from these states and a timetable for the reduction in the period of validity has been set in order to finally abolish the duties completely.

Click here for more information on these Free Trade Agreements and to see the planned cuts in tariffs.

Worldwide telephone number guide

As of 5 November 2000, the numbers were extended from 5 to 7 numbers and will be obligatory as of 6 May 2001. Two-digit prefixes have been added to the 5-digit numbers as follows:

Rangoon (Yangon), the capital, has recently converted its phone numbers to a 6-digit phone number system.

Idd/outbound code for Malaysia is 00

This is the code you need to access a specific area. Every land is allocated a clear countrycode. This is the code for a part of the land. A number of states are not large enough to justify their own area code, so they have the 1 area code and use the area code to specify the state.

This is the number you want to call. These are some useful information about Myanmar. These are some useful information about Malaysia. Area ('SQ KM'329,750) This page is designed to help you transfer calls from Malaysia to Myanmar using international prefixes. Preselections for Myanmar are also included.

Myanmar's code is 95. For international calls from Malaysia, the IDoc code 00 . These are called export code and export code 00 is Malaysia. Outbound code for Malaysia is 00 .

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