Myanmar Coastline

The Myanmar Coast

Burma is not a well-known beach resort, but idyllic, palm-fringed sandy beaches are hardly shaped more perfectly than at Ngapali Beach. Burma's coast facts and statistics. Ngapali Beach, one of the last unspoilt beaches in Southeast Asia, stretches for miles along this largely undeveloped coast. Stats and map of the world's coastlines. Although the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are closer to the coast of Myanmar than those of India, the islands were under the control of the Indian kingdoms.

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Burma (Myanmar) Chart of the Köppen climatic class. Burma is the most north-western of Southeast Asia, and borders China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Laos. Lowland tropic monsun below 2,000 meters (6,562 feet); overcast, rain, warm, humid weather (southwest season, June to September); less cloudiness, little rain, moderate temperature, lower air moisture in winters (northeast season, December to April).

Higher altitudes are particularly exposed to strong snowfalls and poor meteorological conditions in the north. Burma is characterized by its main plain with the Sittaung Valley and Chindwin Valley and the small Zeebyu Taungdan, Min-wun Taungdan, Hman-kin Taungdan and Gangaw Taungdan mountains, and the Bago Yoma (Pegu Range), a relatively low range of mountains between the Irrawaddy and the Sittaung River in main Myanmar.

2 ] The Central Valley region is bordered by precipitous, craggy plateaus in the north, where the mountains at the south end of the Hengduan system mark the boundary between Myanmar and China. It is part of a range of mountains that run from the Himalayan spurs through the frontier areas of Assam, Nagaland and Mizoram.

Irrawaddy, Burma's major stream, crosses the central Burma Basin from the North to the south and ends in a vast deltas. From the Tibetan plateau through the Chinese Yunnan and northeast of Burma to Laos. Myanmar's sources of mineral oil, wood, pewter, anti-money, zinc, cupper, wolfram, plumb, coal, marmor, lime, gems, natural gases and hydro.

Explore the pristine coast of Myanmar (Burma)

Accompany M/Y Calisto on an memorable journey to the Mergui Archipelago, while Myanmar is emerging from decade-long mourning. At the M/Y CALISTO we are a classical 1944 Motoryacht located in Thailand, Southeast Asia. Cater for M/Y Calisto in Ranong and begin your adventures with a Mergui Archipelago tour. Myanmars Mergui Archipelago's Andaman Sea archipelago offers some of the most scenic places in Asia.

About 800 unspoilt islets along the Tenasserim coastline form the island and form one of the last unspoilt paradise on the planet. Cruising around these isles will take you into a wide expanse of lost lands, clothed in thick rainforests and full of a wealth of flora and fauna. Practically all of them have clean sandy and unspoilt sandy bays, unaffected by people.

"These are the island that have been people's dream for years," said Captain Philippe Cathala. "Think of Phuket and Phi Phi Phi before the tourist arrived... This is Mergui today". Capt. Cathala has been to Myanmar several times and says that the attractiveness of the new location is increased by the opportunity to visit Myanmar in first-class accommodations on board the M/Y Calisto.

Discover the treasures of the Mergui Archipelago with your families and onboard the M/Y CALISTO.

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