Myanmar Clip Video

The Myanmar Clip Video

With videos from the Burma Banks and the Mergui Archipelago. However, on Tuesday Shwe Eain Si made a connection between the dethronement and her clip. This short clip shows how threatened the habitat of this rare species is. Fun. iflix - Music - Games - Sports & Education - Videos - Apps - Ooredoo Zone - Ooredoo Balloons - Ooredoo Funtone.

Videoclip of the International Day of the Forest.

Burma (Myanmar) videos

Dive video of my Burma / Myanmar liveaboard safaris with Santana Diver. With video from the Burma Banks and the Mergui-Archipel. Other video sequences from the Mergui Islands in Myanmar and Burma Banks can be found on my Reef Life of the Andaman page. Licence-administered and licence-free recordings of Myanmar (Burma).....

HDV underwater shots of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar (Burma). Having visited the city of Kaw Thaung on the Thai coast, we dive into the Mergui Archipelago, where we encounter a variety of sea creatures such as anemone fish, squid, barracudas, lion fish, A, great cetaceans, wet whales, nurse sharks, jellyfish, stingrays, crocodile fish, crabs, shrimps, morays and slugs.

This is Freddie, the mashed potatoes, Barry, the huge Barrakuda, and some great videos of the Burma Banks. Burma's amazing Shakeave, video of Nursing Caverns. Watch more video of the Andaman Sea's most varied diving site, Shaarkave. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, plays an important role in my video "Reefife of the Andaman".

This video features meetings with the Burma Banks' nurse and silver tip shark and a huge variety of creatures from the Mergui Archipelago. Everything from tabby stingrays at Black Rock to sea horses at Shark Cave is there.

Mingalabar, Myanmar! MAN: (video clip)

A visit to Myanmar outside Rangoon (now Yangon) is like a trip back in history, a humble agricultural community, fishery and agriculture without machines and computer and all those who are dedicated to the spirit. It is a mixture of friendly and smiling individuals who are happy and happy in their harmonic and narrow families, if they only have enough to feed.

You are not trying to transform the earth, but to improve the misery of the less prosperous humans and beasts. The Buddhas are living by the Buddha's teaching and their occupation with him is reflected in the Buddhas churches and pictures that are everywhere. A must-have on any journey to Myanmar.

This was the capitol of the first Myanmar Empire and is one of the wealthiest archeological places in Southeast Asia. Humans have been fascinated by its magical powers for almost a thousand years. Lake Inle is another must for your trip to Myanmar. The Inle is a huge, flat lake in the Shan state of Myanmar, bordering Thailand and Laos in the notorious Golden Triangle.

Situated over 900 meters above sealevel, foggy and shallow, the mountainous terrain makes it quite understandable that it is cool. On the shores of the lakeside, the Intha are living in swimming towns and homes erected on stilt-trees. It was a brief fly to Inle Lake and then a ride through a picturesque landscape to the lakeside itself, followed by 20 min on a long waterboat to our lodge.

It was a great place to hide on the lakeside, on stilt walkers, with all the comfort we Western people need, outside showering, good meals and a four pointer with bed linen! flip-flops, because you could go to many, many sacred places within a dais.

Some will be committed to their lives and some will only be a friar for a few nights, through conversation about our upcoming trips or culture. Overseas investment is already transforming the countryside, 4 and 5-star resorts are being constructed, Yangon's street fleet of gleaming cabs are creating congestion - tourism will come with the changes, because tourism needs accommodation and the cab!

Right now, Burma, as I like to call it, will have recollections of a wonderful land with inviting and sincere individuals who like to show us all their treasure.

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