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The climate history of Bagan in June with monthly averages for temperature, precipitation and wind. Meteorological data for Pyin Oo Lwin District, Mandalay (Myanmar). Yearly city climate statistics for Burma cities from A to Z, with annual average temperatures for cities in Burma. Allow me to tell you about one of the most important tourist attractions in Myanmar. Wealthy countries cause climate change, but it is the poorer countries that suffer the consequences.

Countryside Historical climate

It' s important to assess how the climate has evolved in the past. Averages of the historic precipitation and temperatures can be used to show the basic climate and seasonal effects per months, for certain years, and for precipitation and temperatures. Above diagram shows the average historic temperatures and precipitation for the months 1960-1990.

This record was prepared by the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia (UEA). Historic climate information (i.e. temperatures, peak temperatures, peak temperatures, minimum temperatures and precipitation) has been revised to 2016.

the world' s climate: Burma

The climate at Myanmar?s can be described as the tropic moon climate. Myanmar has two different periods of the year, a drought in winters and a wet rainy season in summers. Prepare for high temperature and moisture wherever you go. Myanmar's climate can be categorized as Am climate, a warm, tropic jungle climate with a temperature above 18°C every month.

The climate of Myanmar: Temperature, Climograph, Climate for Myanmar

Burma has many different climate zones, but is managed by Aw. The Yangon has a subtropical climate. It rains much less in Yangon in winters than in summers. After Köppen and Geiger this climate is called Aw. In Yangon the mean seasonal temperatures are 27.3 °C. Averages of 2378 mm per year.

Kalaymyo has a tropically temperate climate. Summer is much racier than winter in Kalaymyo. Köppen and Geiger classify this site as Aw. In Kalaymyo the mean seasonal temperatures are 25.1 °C. The Monywa has a subtropical climate. There is a lot of precipitation in the summer and very little precipitation in the winter.

By the Köppen Geiger system the climate here is classed as Aw. Monywa has an avarage seasonal temperatures of 26.9°C. Meiktila' s climate is classed as tropic. In comparison to winters, summer has much more precipitation. The Köppen-Geiger climate is called Aw. Meiktila' has a yearly mean temperatures of 26.7 °C.

Precipitation here is 824 mm on averaging. The climate of Pyay is categorized as tropic. There is a lot of precipitation in the summer and very little precipitation in the winter. The Köppen-Geiger climate is called Aw. Pyay has an mean of 27.5 °C. There is an approximate precipitation of 1203 mm per year.

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