Myanmar Classic full Movie

Burma Classic full movie

A full schedule for the festival will be announced at a later date. ""There was no TV, the theaters were full, it was great. Falling on the full moon day of Myanmar month Thabodwe. Two classics have already been brought to life by Memory: There is a stirring humanism to Ichikawa's little-known classic from beginning to end.

Exposition is hoping to educate the young generation about Myanmar's Golden Age of film

"The Art and Influence of Myanmar's Movie Heritage", an exhibit as part of the "Shwe Khit" art festival, will host specific performances of the 1953 classic Myanmar movie Yadanarbon as part of a programme to inform the young Myanmar people about the country's gold cinematic era and encourage them to build their own heritage.

Opened for three weeks on 24 March in the historical Yangon city centre secretariat office in collaboration with the art collectiv Pyinsa Rasa and Save Myanmar Film, the show was inaugurated. It has been set up in three different rooms: The first room looks like an information hall and features classic Myanmar furnishings blended with a contemporary look, with Save Myanmar Film's stand showing corrupted classic movies in a small cabin.

On both sides of the doorway there are two movie placards with a poster with the inscription'Now Showing'. In the last room old movie gear, recordings, film and paint placards are exhibited. It presents three different movie week, beginning with a Yadanarbon show under the direction of U Tin Maung and made by the historical movie society A1.

"This will enable the younger generations to see Myanmar's movie standard from that time," he said. He added, "They gathered all the gear bit by bit from different vendors and exhibited it in contemporary premises so that at the same in a new, contemporary way we can study the Myanmar movie story.

The A1 Movie Company provided old movie cams, movie billboards and commercials, while Save Myanmar Movie provided a copy of Yadanarbon. Myanmar's contemporary movie industries are often criticised by moviegoers for imitating foreign fame and concentrating on the same themes and storylines, allowing audiences to see the end of the movie in just a few mikes.

"The audience can criticise and that is their right, but every move has a story and it cannot be ruined and even historical sights like the secretariat can' t be taken away, so I really hopefully the younger generations can improve their creative on the basis of movie history," said U Thein Htut. Said that in the contemporary age of the digitized, everything can be done very quickly, unlike earlier times when making a movie took a great deal of time.

"In the past, every member of the team was very anxious to make the movie and couldn't even make a small error, because movies were costly to make and one error would restage the whole movie from the beginning. That' s the big discrepancy to today's modern day documentary industry," said U Thein Htut.

"So, I would like to ask all young folks, please be more imaginative and try harder on your movies and start by studying cinematography. Let's hopefully this meeting will help them understand the story of Myanmar's movie industry," he said. He added that the organisers hoped that audiences could benefit from the screening of old Myanmar movies and that moviemakers could get inspired after viewing the same.

There are three select movies from different Myanmar movie epochs - Yadanarbon, Tender are the Feet (1973) and Thingyan Moe (1985). There are three related shows before each movie, among them folk songs from a Myanmar band and pop folks. For the opening of the show, the band Yadanardon presented the title track of Yadanardon before the movie.

It will be shown every day from 25 to 31 March at 2 pm.

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