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City of Myanmar List

Cities and communities in Burma. An alphabetical list of places in Burma. List of branches of Yangon City Bank, detail. World pagodas is definitely a moment on the Yangon bucket list. Download a map of Myanmar's cost of living.

Myanmar's Yangon is in the list of the 12 most popular Asian towns.

Yangon in Myanmar has recently been chosen as one of Asia's 12 most prominent city. These selections were made by the website The Culture Trip. Yangon, according to this website, is the Asiatic city that retains its innumerable cultural and historical assets, as well as its wealth of culinary and naturalistic masters.

Myanmar's biggest city, Yangon, is the ideal place for travellers who want to learn about the country's folklore and ritual. Yangon's most popular place not to be ignored is the Sweadagon Pagoda - one of the holiest in Asia.

Burma - Cities and urban situation with population (2014) - Data sets

Information gathered and organised as part of the World Bank for Myanmar (NEP) sponsored Global Power Accessibility until 2030 as inputs for geodetic least-cost-scheduling. This information was gathered by the Sustainable Engineering Lab/Earth Institute of the General Administration Department (GAD), Myanmar.

This data set contains a list of Myanmar's municipalities and their..... This data set contains a list of Myanmar's municipalities and their.....

Distances between the cities of Myanmar

A list of Myanmar's towns and villages in kilometres. Please see the page for calculating the distances to all towns. You can click on the city name to list the suburbs within the city and to determine the distances between the city. from Myanmar to the next few lands. Myanmar is 607 km from the closest land of Bangladesh.

Burma embraces the inclusion of old towns on the World Heritage List

Rangoon - Myanmar on Monday greeted the nomination of its old Pyu Kings as a UNESCO Worl of Culture and marked its first inclusion on the list of the UN Culture Authority. In Doha on Sunday, an international committee held an international conference in the framework of the UNHCR, which gave the remnants of the towns of Hanlin, Beikthano and Sri Ksetra in the land's Irawaddy River basins an imperiled state.

We' ve all worked really long and painstakingly to achieve this," said Daw Me Me Khaing, AFP's Archaeological Division Manager at Myanmar's Cultural Affairs Directorate. Enrolment in the list has a significant impact on the economy, as a World Heritage Site is an option for funding conservation, while tourist attraction is its state.

The remnants of the palatial citadelle, the Buddhist brickwork stupa and the graves on the site currently attract around 60,000 domestic and international tourists every year, says Daw Me Me Khaing, who is hoping that the new statute will do more. "We will have a better position for our cultural assets if we make experiences with them," she said.

Officers are now promoting Myanmar's more famous antique city of Bagan, which houses an extensive set of Buddhist churches to join the Pyu towns on the UNESCO list, she added. Some of the churches, some about 1,000 years old, are one of the most valuable places of worship in the land and one of the main attractions for overseas visitors to Myanmar as they emerge from many years of warfare.

However, a warning has been issued by analysts that accidental renovations to some of these buildings have irreparably affected the countryside, which could jeopardise Bagan's prospects for World Heritage designation. Pyu's masonry, walls and watered towns mirror the Pyu empires that blossomed for over 1000 years between 200 BC and 900 AD according to UNESCO.

"These old towns that have been constructed along the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) valley are part of the Pyu, a tribe that speaks a native Myanmar dialect that is now extinct," UNESCO said in a declaration. Headquartered in Paris, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Educational Organization (UNESCO) monitors the system of awarding prestigious World Heritage designation to important heritage and nature reserves.

Achieving site certification is a point of boast for many countries and can stimulate the tourist industry, but it comes with stringent nature protections. The other places that have received this year's designation are a caves in France containing the oldest known figural paintings in the West Bank and old West Bank patios threatened by the Israel partitions.

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