Myanmar Citizen Visa Requirements

Burmese Visa Requirements

On request we are ready to support you at the airport. Visaservice for citizens of Myanmar residing in Singapore. South Korean detailed visa requirements, application. Burmese visa on a US passport. For entry to other countries or for a longer stay you may need a visa.

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Myanmar residents are not obliged to apply for an entrance visa under the visa waiver programme unless they remain for more than 14 day. If you are in Vietnam for less than 14 nights, you only need a pass that is still in force after your trip and contains at least 2 empty pages. If you are staying longer than allowed, please complete the following 4 easy 4-step procedure to obtain a Vietnam visa upon your return from Myanmar:

As a rule, a visa authorization will be sent to you within 2 working day. To receive the mail within 1 working day or a few office hours, you must apply for an express visa for Vietnam. Important: The following documentation is needed for the stamp procedure at Vietnam Airport: If you need help getting a visa for Vietnam from Myanmar, you can always call, e-mail or talk to us.

Burma and Israel signed visa waiver agreements for holder of Diplomats' and Passports

Burma and Israelis with embargoed passes will no longer need visas to move between the two states, the Foreign Ministry has said. In Nay Pyi Daw today, officers from both nations met to sign the treaty, which was drafted in English, Myanmar and Hebrew.

It exempts Myanmar visa applicants from the visa requirement and allows them to remain in Israel for up to 90 days and visa -free passports. On the 7th day, MOFA secretary Kyaw Zeya said that Myanmar visa applicants would still need a visa to enter Israel, although slow steps are being made towards a visa-free visa free regime for all Myanmar people.

Burma has concluded visa waiver treaties with over 20 other nations, covering all ASEAN members except Malaysia, Russia and North Korea.

Bilateral relations of Greece

In the past, the geographic gap between Greece and Burma, the isolationist policies of the Myanmar government since 1962, the country's low levels of prosperity and the limitations of UN and EU military and military diplomacy have not created appropriate preconditions for the evolution of Myanmar's relationship with the Union.

Myanmar has quickly expanded its policy relationship with the West since 2011, when the Myanmar authorities embarked on courageous refor-ment. Greece has also helped to strengthen EU-Myanmar ties. For information on visa requirements for Hellenic nationals wishing to visit Myanmar, click here.

For information on visa requirements for Myanmar residents wishing to visit Greece, click here.

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