Myanmar Cities to Visit

Visiting Myanmar Cities

Kyaiktiyo Mrauk U. Book your tickets online for the most important activities in Myanmar on TripAdvisor: When the country opened up, our specialists explored Burma's famous cities and the little visited villages and landscapes. Discover the people, architecture, history and cultures that make Myanmar unique. Myanmar enchants you with its enchanting mix of ancient temples, floating markets, magical cities and more. Myanmar, Naypyidaw is one of the strangest capitals in the world.

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As most of the airports are a fast stopover before the trip, it is different in Yangon. Aside from the'Big 4', most travellers are insecure about a true Myanmaroute. So, here is a tour that' s built on our own experiences, from places you shouldn't miss when exploring Myanmar with your backpack and the best things you can do in Myanmar.

When you travel to Myanmar, no journey would be completed without a visit to the old palatial town. On our'Big 4' cruise, the next to last stop was Lake Inle, and if you are looking for tranquillity and tranquillity in Myanmar, this is the place to be. Find everything you need to know about the Inle Lake tours.

When you visit Myanmar, this is the most beautiful picture on your agenda from the temple of Bagan. With over 2,200 Bagan Pagodas to chose from, and of course the legendary Bagan Dawn and Sundown, we will help you limit your selection of Bagan Pagodas.

Since Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay have precedence on most of Myanmar's routes, the south states of Mon State and Kayin State are often ignored. Therefore you should visit Mawlamyine and Hpa An on your Myanmar-journey. However, please rely on us when we say that we would not have felt welcome when we got off the aircraft and arrived in Myanmar.

Knowledge before you go to Myanmar's new capital

Towns are no more off-centre than Myanmar's new million-dollar capitol. Dusty, abandoned and completely unphotogenic, Naypyidaw may not be everyone's vision of a good age, but its post-apocalyptic roads and fancy rides make it one of the country's most extravagant sight. Naypyidaw would be the winner if there was an award for the strangest town in the underworld.

Barely more than a century old, the town was revealed as Myanmar's new capitol in 2005 after the Unexpected Relocation of Yangon by the Yangon state. While some believe that the new capitol was a proud venture by the federal administration, others are speculating that the then head of the country, Than Shwe, followed the counsel of an astrogist.

There is no lack of eccentricity in the city, the huge twenty-lane freeways, glittering arcades, a Vegas-inspired resort area and no less than four golfs - all in the midst of the jungles. There may be few tourist attraction, but the absolute ludicrousness of the place makes a visit possible, albeit an unconvention.

If it comes to living locally, there is no better place than a busy capitol, is there? Besides Naypyidaw, it is less busy and more empty spirit-village. Aside from a few lonesome road cleaners and the strange buffaloes that wander around in front of the expansive administration building, the huge motorways are so calm that one could do without lives for horsehand.

Naypyidaw has little to show for leisure pursuits, except for an abandoned gem stone factory and the enormous defense city. It is also the emptiness and the best maintained building in the state. It' s a good idea to hire a rider for the 45-minute drive to Disney-esque Naypyidaw Zoo, where you can board a liveaboard coach and relax with the people.

During the evenings, the local people gather in the town' s central aquatic garden, a spring facility that holds a lightshow every even. The Uppatasanti Pagoda, a brandnew reproduction of the old Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, seldom sees a visit. Only a few people who visit Naypyidaw know that there is an artificial one.

The Ngalaik is a 165 hectare theme area with an eco-resort with waterslides, a spas and a lakeside sandy area. The Cafe Flight is a rescued aircraft café that was copied in an incident and taken to Naypyidaw as an entertainment destination for people.

Meals may be cheaper than good meals, but airplane meals are a great way to round off the quaint Naypyidaw adventure. On the way to Myanmar? Take our free Insider's Guide and explore the best of Myanmar with our free advice!

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