Myanmar Cities and Towns

Burma Towns and Communities

The map shows the following cities in Myanmar: Above all, the founding of three new cities by the ruling state. Myanmar's cities and towns are subject to recurring rhythms. An area or state consists of districts; and a district consists essentially of villages, words, towns and districts. Complete list of districts, townships, sub-townships, towns, wards, village tracts and villages in regions and states.

Ngapali Beach

One of Burma's best-kept mysteries is perhaps the picturesque golden sands of the Ngapali Beach. Ngapali is an unspoilt and unspoilt coast with unspoilt sands and clear waters, which has preserved its tranquil and relaxed countryside while preserving its tradition and people. Nagapli is undoubtedly one of Burma's best preserved shores; it is a real jewel.

China is located in the west of Burma and has many attractions that are unfamiliar to most people. You can hike from here to the secluded towns where you can see the local people's tattoos and the fascinating old woman who can pipe the flaut.

Kyaing Tong is in eastern Burma and has a variety of attractions and unforgettable landscapes. Kyaing Tong is a great starting point for exploring the area' s hilly and mountainous terrain with a wealth of churches, convents and marketplaces. Kalow is in the far eastern part of Burma and provides classical Myanmar experience and country living.

The gentle slopes surrounding Kalow, from hiking to boat trips and cave walks, will make this tour rewarding. Kalov is near Lake Inle, but has a very different view. Kalov is also the best place for hiking in Burma. The Mrauk U is often likened to Bagan and is the second most well-known archeological site in Burma.

It is an antique town, with several hundred shrines, stupas and palagodas with thick shelters. But Mrauk U has much more to offer than the temple; high up in the hills you can also savour the beautiful landscape and mix with the locals goatherds and market gardeners.

Sadly, a large part of the huge country in northern Burma is not open to overseas tourists without prior authorisation. Myitkyina lies in the serpentine hills of Kachin State and is awaiting exploration. It is only reachable via the Ayeyarwady Riviera; the riverbank itself offers the biggest attractions in Myitkyina with many cruise ships.

Select from ferry, speedboat or cruiser ships and discover this old creek and find out more about its place in Burma's histori. Besides cruising the rivers, Myitkyina has many other tourist sites such as the product market, Hsu Taung Pye Zedidaw and the Kachin State Cultural Museum.

In 1896 the Brits established this city as an exodus from the Mandalay heat and were the capitol of the UK national government until 1948. To enjoy the view across the stream, drive to Sunset Hill and scale Thein Daung Pagoda. It is also home to the souvenir shop and is best visited just before sunrise.

A large city of markets with a large China community, Lashio was a major player in Burma's defence against the invading Japan and the point of departure for Burma's street. In Lashio there are several places, the most important being Thatana Paya, the main mosque, Mahamyatmuni Paya and Quan Yin Shang, a wood comb on the south outskirts of the city with a large cloister.

This enchanting fresh water pond is one of Burma's main tourist attraction and a must for all Burmese tourists. This is Burma in its most traditionally form; the honesty and kindness of the locals will be a pleasure and the indigenous market of All Lakes offers amazing, newly cultivated hillside cuisine and other indigenous cuisine.

For the best way to see the sea, take a motorised motorboat or a conventional flat-bottomed vessel powered by a simple woodcano. One way or another, you can be sure that native fishermen will row with their foot, a very special fishery technology for Burma. Formerly known as Pagan, Bagan is the core of old Burma with over 2,000 shrines and Stupa.

Marvel by bike, on horseback or on horseback through the antique cultural landscape and explore a remarkable and suggestive place that is often described as the most remarkable place for tourists who come to Burma. Next to the sanctuaries, the visitor can take an enchanting cruise along the Ayeyarwaddy River and admire the art and culture of the area.

Traditionally and ageless, Mandalay is regarded by many as the center of Burma's cultural life, full of tradition and time. Mandalay is situated in northern central Burma and is the business center of the land, which has a number of tourist and leisure facilities. The Mandalay is full of artisans and tree-shaded convents, ancient groups of performers and picturesque vistas of the Mandalay Hill and the Mandalay Canyon.

For a good grasp of Mandalay, we suggest you start with Mandalay Hill, which overlooks the town, especially at sundown. Mandalay is a must for the beautiful sightseeing tours of Maymo, Mingun and the magnificent U Bien-Bridges.

Burma's largest town, Yangon became the nation's capitol in 1885 when the British finished their invasion of the north. It is one of the most striking cities in Southeast Asia with its post-colonial charms and its unique natural environment with many impressive monuments. With the nickname "The Garden Town of the East", Yangon is simple to understand, with breathtaking ponds, lush rainforest and captivating gardens.

Yangon has even more to boast, it is a fusion of civilisations and societies and a place of tradition and civilisation, and it is a must for anyone who wants to see a different side of Asia. The Buddha was appointed after the 1000 army chiefs who were escorting Buddha relicts from India to Burma 2000 years ago.

Siwedagon Paya is Yangon's most iconic memorial, just outside the center of the town. It sparkles with light golden light over the town. There' are many places of interest and things to do in the town and it's easy to take it all with you for a days or two. Beautifully set just to the south of Burma, Mon State is home to many miracles, among them breathtaking sanctuaries and a lush verdant landscape.

Only a few people come to this area, creating a genuine and authentic ambience while preserving the exclusiveness of your stay. Hpa-an, in Kayin State, is a secluded jewel with lively, colorful and bustling highways. NGWE Saung Beach is about 4 hours by car from Yangon in the southeast of Burma.

With a length of 9 nautical mile, the longest in Southeast Asia.

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