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View Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Facebook statistics in Myanmar, including the number of fans, engagement rate and fan distribution by country. The CIA World Factbook Burma Page Confirmation is slowing down for the best CIA watchdog candidate. Kuwomintang in Burma and campaign on the Chinese-Burmese border, CIA activities in Myanmar. The World Factbook. You saw Myanmar's army torture dissidents and kill demonstrators on the streets.

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The CIA' s activity in Myanmar was the Central Intelligence Agency's and prior to that the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)' operation in what was formerly known as Burma from the Second World War. Information about CIA missions in Myanmar seems somewhat restricted in comparison to other countries, such as Vietnam.

Throughout World War II, the then OSS missions in Burma concentrated on the fight against the Myanmar occupying Japan. The OSS supported the UK armed force during the so-called Burma campaign by organising opposition to the occupying tribal peoples of Japan. Burma campaign began after the Myanmar takeover by Japan in 1942.

Myanmar and the CIA

About the infinitely useful interpreter of the Lowy Institute, I recently found a series of question Joshua Kurlantzick should ask the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, David Petraeus, when he visited Naypyidaw. Kurtlantzick has some good quizzes. Frank Steinberg suggests: ...a Petraeus trip in the near term would be a mistake in US politics that has so far been skilfully managed by the Obama government.

Reform is still delicate and should not be seen as US manipulation, but this is the message that his attendance would send to many Burmese and also the Chinese. We remember our story of CIA participation in the Kuomintang and other areas in Burma.

That may have been overlooked by the US, but certainly not by the Burmese. I am pondering what other historic questions and earlier intervention need to be remembered (or reconciled) before Burma and the outside world can embrace a more comprehensive reorientation of their minds.

CIA has an interesting story in Burma that goes back at least that far. I suspect Burma's heritage is even more complex for some UK governments. In my opinion, we can include Steinberg's prehistory warnings in the long lists of topics to be observed over the coming years.

CIA is not known to be a leader in advocating and promoting free market principles in less developed countries; the agencys other priority areas include Myanmar's key role in the US. However, the prospects that other high-ranking US officers will seriously consider visiting Burma should not be a scare.

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