Myanmar Chin Mindat

Burma Chin Mindat

Mind/Mindat (Burmese: ?????

???????) is a city in the Chinese state of West Burma. It is the administrative seat of Mindat Township and Mindat District.

Burma - Mindat, refuge for Chinese woman with face tattoos

There is a small hill city in the Chin region of Mandalay known as Mindat. Apparently it was only opened to foreign visitors last year and, like many other places in Myanmar, is still difficult to reach. There are many good reason why you want to go up there, from a hike around the wonderful Mt Victoria to an inside view of the interesting locals' lives and cultures.

We really wanted to go to Mindat because we met the amazing female tattoo artists who made this area known to the people. So are you up for exploring our favorite place in Myanmar? Together with Steffen we go on our way to take a closer look at real live on site.

As in Cizhong in China, where we produced some of our wines at the beginning of this year, Mindat was founded by early twentieth-graders. There are many women among them who show nice tats on their faces. During the royal period in Myanmar, they were used to travelling the land and selecting the most attractive women for their homes.

Monarchs often picked Chinese provincial women because they were known to be the most beautifull in Myanmar (and from what we have seen, we can say that it is still so!). However, today a lot of travelers from all over the globe to see them because they think they are gorgeous and intriguing with these tats!

Today chin provinces can once again be pretty! When we get back to the motel, we find Quentin in a profound talk with the locals physician and his dad! Along the way we find out more about our young physician and his dad and living in Myanmar in general. He also promises to present us the most celebrated of Mindat's Tattoos later in the morning.

Concerning the convent, it is not the most wonderful we have seen so far, but it is certainly definitely noteworth a visit: the views you have from above! Because she really looks like a real king, this pretty 88-year-old granny, with her eye-catching jewelry, her little naked legs, her hot edentulous smiles, her proud and bright and bright little faces and her intensive aura!

We' re a little dumbfounded.... That's when she decides to play the recorder.... with her little nostrils! 88-year-old Daw Yaw Hting, one of the last Chin woman with a tattoo on her face who plays the flaut! The next morning was the idea to go to the square, the best place in the city to see what is going on and see it.

As for her spouse, he looks like he's about to be taken to the slaughter. Anyway, no one seems to realize or mind, our folks and boyfriends are really lucky and we're getting a huge amount of curry, fruit, paddy fruit, paddy and salad breakfasts, while loudspeakers screaming the latest Myanmar songs are doing their best to get the mind out of us.

This is another opportunity to encounter colorful personalities and lovable children! Mindat hasn't shown us everything yet, we notice that when we walk around on the street. It is also known for its hikes and mountain excursions, especially to Mount Victoria, the highest point in Chin County. Unfortunately, Quentin's illness did not allow us to go to places outside Mindat.

We had a great part of the day to explore the roads, discover the ambience of the town, meet some of the natives by spending some of our free moments with them, experience a ropes competition to select the members of the football team and last but not least, we loved to return to the top of the deserted edifice near the cathedral to watch the astonishing dusk.

We' d like to have stayed longer and are already planing to return to this fascinating provinces as soon as possible.

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