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Burma Supporters' Club | Official Site MeetingsBars & Cafés in Yangon every week-end. We always talk to each other on Facebook, email & talk, as well as over the telephone. our website is our instant chart is In Lancashire, our engineering team performed impressively and took their first Premier League 2 win by hitting both sides early to give Cobham the highest score.

The trainers of the Chelsea Foundation's Global Division started August in Atlanta with more than 300 athletes and 70 of them. After making his Chelsea début last Saturday in our victory in the Dervby against Arsenal, Mateo Kovacic hopes to imitate those other Balkan Peninsula footballers who have had great results and enthusiasm at Stamford Bridge.

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Whiskey Deal by Chelsea FC breaks through the boundaries of Myanmar - IndonesiaRealtime

Headquartered in London, New York, New York, News Corp. is a global leader in providing information, educational and communication technology solutions. Chelsea Football Club, which does not settle for first place in the English Premier League, is the first football club in Europe to establish a brand in Myanmar, further proof of the frenzied enthusiasm of West African football clubs, which want to secure first places on the home stand.

The Chelsea FC - whose shirts and merchandising are already omnipresent in Southeast Asia, where EPL enthusiasts number a million - has co-branded with Myanmar's International Beverage Trading Company and its signatory, Grand Royal Whisky.

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