Myanmar Cheap

Burma Cheap

In terms of prices, the people I met in Myanmar in the last few years told me that it used to be much cheaper. What is the budget for Myanmar (Burma) for one months? Right from the start we thought our Myanmar budgets would exceed our regular Asian diet. We have a £12 per capita per day for all of Southeast Asia (or $18), but we thought it would be difficult to do so during a trip to Myanmar.

We have nothing at all against eating on the streets or in convents, but we actually wanted to savour Myanmar and not bother to skimp and save all the while. We only had to pay for a month's trip to Myanmar, Drumroll please, 11. 90 a night per capita, just under $18!

How did we do this and how much should you plan for Myanmar? In all honesty, I really didn't expect us to be below Myanmar's budgets, not because things were generally costly, but a great deal of our housing seemed costly, especially if we had to afford in USdollar.

We also had things that we didn't take into consideration, like entry tickets to Inle Lake and Bagan. It was $10 for entering Inle Lake and $20 for Bagan, which was especially angry when nobody ever verified ours! But some things like eating were much less expensive than we thought, and the transportation was also quite sane.

However, without further fuss, here is a list of what we payed and how much you can afford to pay in Myanmar. It is not possible to make an on-line reservation for most of Myanmar, so if you want to make an upfront reservation, ask your guesthouse to call you. The system has worked very well for us and we have always found a good deals that somehow enabled us to get below the Myanmar budgets!

Our journey began in Yangon and it is definitely one of the most costly places to find a place to stay. We payed $18 per room per day at the Kuang Lay Inn for a room with air conditioning and bed and breakfasts (almost all places in Myanmar included breakfasts, which made us think we were paying more).

Even though the Kuang Lay Inn was better because there was more to choose from! We' ve reserved our accomodation for Inle Lake from Kuang Lay Inn in Yangon. But we were frustrated when the best rate at the Win Nyunt Inn was again $18 for a B&B, Wi-Fi and Bath.

But we thought we'd just rent it for the dark and once we got there, we could look around somewhere else and always change clothes the next morning. It seemed on your first flight that $18 was really the lowest bid. We found our own room with breakfasts for $12 at Nam Khae Mao Guest House.

Just staying one overnight in Pyin U Lwin, but we could find the Grace Hotel 2 for $15 a nights just walking around as we ate. We had a double room with ensuite bath, Wi-Fi and breakfasts.

In Mandalay we found a great place named The Garden for only $12 a day after someone suggested it to us. There was a double room with Wi-Fi, common bath and bed and breakfast. In Nyaung Oo we remained because it provided less expensive shelter. When we checked two places, we found the A1 Guesthouse, which costs us $15 per room for a double room with air conditioning, en-suite bath and bed & breakfasts.

But we were fortunate enough to find a recently opened guesthouse without breakfasts or Wi-Fi at a good rate. New Shine Guesthouse is the name of the place and they charge us $12 per room, but their rates are probably higher already, but you should still look into it.

Motorcycles are 1500-2000 kyats and local busses are only 500kyats. So we rented a motorcycle a few time to continue exploring it and it was 10,000 kyats for the days plus petrol, which was 1000 kyats per liter. Meals were much less expensive than we had expected, and most of the time the servings were enormous, so sometimes we split.

You should not eat more than 3000 kyats of roasted pasta with vegetable and beef. The same goes for roasted sausages. There is a dish of mohinga (fish noodlesoup) for 300-800 kilo, which is served by the people. In some places, if you want to eat from the West, it will be more difficult, but in the larger towns you can find it, but you have to reckon with 5000 Kie.

With 200-500 qyat it is very inexpensive to make a cup of it. It is also inexpensive and for a 660 ml tank it takes 1500-2500 kyats. 500 ml draught beers are 500-900 kyats. Renting a yacht for the whole lake is 15000 K yat. The visit to a vineyard was 3000 kilo and consisted of 4 tastings.

Bikes can be rented for 1000 Kyats per night. Bagan is $20 worth and if you are there you can visit the temple yourself on an e-bike, which is 5000 cyat. Renting a motorcycle for a single rental per night is 10000k. Admission to the temple ranges from free of charge to 8000 kyats for the Yangon Swedagon Tag.

All in all, Myanmar is slightly more pricey than its neighbors, but still very sensible and a land that is definitely asking for mineralization. It' s a wonderful scenery and folks are really hot and inviting, so make your flight reservations now! For more information on the Myanmar budgets, please do not hesistate to ask us!

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