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Myanmar has an unbelievably wealthy and varied historical and historical legacy and is also a place of breathtaking scenic beauties with many thrilling possibilities for adventure-loving people. Much of the country's attraction is concentrated in its vast collections of shrines and places of worship such as the beloved antique site of Bagan or the 2,000-year-old Shwedagon Pagoda.

Myanmar's largest and former capitol is Yangon, a flourishing town with a holy spirit with its many palagodas and shrines. There are many nice coastline shores outside the towns, while the countryside is considered the most attractive for snorkelling.

Myanmar's busiest is Yangon Internacional Airports, 15 km from Yangon. There are three airports with passengers handling passengers on board. Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 handle passengers onboard. From the UAE to Myanmar, it is possible to make the trip directly from Dubai to Yangon.

Emirates is currently the only carrier to operate services on this leg, with all services starting from Dubai International Airport. Yangon International offers a variety of conveniences and establishments such as cafes and snack bars as well as duty-free shops. There are also a number of airports lounge areas that offer a luxury and convenient environment.

Once in the countryside, the simplest way is to take a cab from the nearest airports, although there are also local busses that stop a short stroll from the city. While many UAE citizens can enter Myanmar without a UAE citizens permit, they must apply for a UAE citizenship before they can fly.

Myanmar has a significant wet spell that starts in May and lasts until October, while the warmest and driest time in the countryside is between January and April. Burma is 2 h 30 min from the UAE, while UAE is much less expensive than UAE.

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