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Preliminary results can be downloaded at:. It is not mandatory for you to fill in the following fields before downloading the data. Percentage of Myanmar-born population. Complexity of time for searching for connections between people from Myanmar census data using a chart database. Burma/Myanmar identity and citizenship.

Myanmar 2014 Census - The Union Report - Census Report Volume 2[EN/MY] - Myanmar

Myanmar 2014 census (2014 MPHC) was carried out de facto from 29 March to 10 April 2014. Successfully planned and carried out census activity, followed by early publication of preliminary results in August 2014 and now of key results in May 2015, is clear evidence of the government's determination to disclose all information gathered by those surveyed in accordance with Population and Housing Census Law No. 19 of 2013.

Hopefully, the most important results of the census will be properly understood and will have an effective impact on our ambition for domestic developments in this area. Cadastral bodies, such as the Central Census Commission, census committees and bureaux at all management level and the International Technology Advisory Board (ITAB), a group of 15 international census and statistical specialists from different nations and institutes, provided the necessary support, both administratively and technically, to carry out the census.

UNFPA's technological assistance and our determination to comply with global norms confirmed our firm committment to the United Nations directives and advice, which are part of global best practice for the census. The Census Report Volume 2 is the second in a number of papers published by the MPHC 2014.

The report contains details of the populations and households' demographical and socio-economic features at Union and state/regional levels. Preliminary analyses show that the MPHC data for 2014 are full and precise. Some populations in the north of Rakhine State and in some areas of Kachin State were not covered.

For parts of the municipality of Hpa Pun in the state of Kayin, only the overall number of homes and populations by gender was presented to the Census Office. With UNFPA's assistance, the government has minimized the effects of these situation as much as possible and assessed the number of people missing out in these areas. Estimations and methods for estimating the uncounted populations in these areas are included in section 1.3 of this work.

Since the census is a major statistic mission and an important task at country level, the government has made sure that all parties involved have been directly or implicitly involved in its execution through various census commissions, ongoing consultation and awareness-raising sessions, and the distribution of information through printed and eMedia.

A strong communications effort was undertaken to raise the profile and encourage the census.

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