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Caves Myanmar

You should not miss the following caves in Myanmar on your itinerary to experience an unforgettable experience in this Buddhist country. It' always a warning to visit the caves. Cave of Myanmar Documentation Project Myanmar Cave Documentation Project is a group of seasoned speleologists organised within the Swiss Caving Society and the British Cave Research Association. Our extensive speleology know-how has been expanded by the addition of speleologists from our global team. Our commitment to karstic protection, eco-tourism and bio-diversity research with regard to the goals of sustainable development (SDGs).

Our sound speleology knowledge and our knowledge of Myanmar Caves & Karstic Caves is the foundation. The results are presented in the form of a book or article, presented at various scientific meetings and made available for karstification and research. Here is a survey of the measured caves in Mandalay, Shan, Kayah and Hpa-An with first cards and many pictures:

In Myanmar's karstic landscape, a research group has found an amazing number of 15 new geckos. Grismer observes the tragic irrationality that Myanmar has some of the largest karstic areas in all of Southeast Asia, but is the least sheltered. The Frontier Magazine articles "Exploring Myanmar's huge web of lime caves".

Mandalay, Hopong, Kayah and Hpa-An were discovered from north to south. The caves near Pyin Oo Lwin were recorded in collaboration with the Seinland environmental protection group. Our squad grew to 11 with caverns from Yangon and Mandalay for Kayah. Hpa-An Karstic was revisited last weekend.

This very inviting educational assistance to the Myanmar Cavers and their communities opens up a new speleology horizon in this land with one of the least studied karstic regions of Southeast Asia! Soak up the excitement and excitement of Myanmar's up-and-coming young speleologists.

First Steps " was shown for the first in Myanmar in front of 40-50 people. UK-US squad (left) missing in collaboration with Giz Caves near Pindaya. Eurospeleo will continue the documentaries in Kayah, Pinlaung and Myeik. The Phruno caves are extended to 4.5 km in a 12-hour drive.

It' the second longest cavern in Myanmar. Caves in picturesque honey are found in chalk caves. Each team documents 12 km of passages in 60 caves! First Steps " The 30-minute Kayah film has been made. Red River and Phruno charts are available with stunning images.

Kayah 2016 report. This is the Burmese version of the summary: The 3-minute film " First Steps " by Phil Bence from the Kayah 2016 Quest can be seen on Vimeo: Hpruso Demeso, just south of Loikaw, unveiled an exceptionally picturesque karstic area. The Phruno cave with a large 10 metre wide and 20 metre high cave is a highlight.

Kwaing Ngant Cove at a 9 km drive. It has the capacity to be one of the longest caves in Southeast Asia. Red Creek, the second longest of Myanmar's caves, was found in 2015 and has a total length of 4.1 km.

The" Kars and Caves of the Shan Plain in Myanmar" were presented at the second Asian Transcarst Conference from November 6 to 8, 2015 in Lichuan, China. A Myanmar Times Wade Guyiit on Subterranean Explorations for the August 28th issue. A new priority "Biodiversity in the Karst" Due to the extremely adaptable types that live in this particular area, karstic biological diversity is becoming increasingly important.

The Flora Fauna International (FFI) started a three-year karstic protection program with investigations of bio-diversity in caves. It is contributing to this by making its 600 karstic objects available under a CC-licence. For more information see the 8-page brochure Kars Ethiopia Biological Diversity.

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