Myanmar Cave Temple

Cave Temple of Myanmar

Several famous temple caves existed, such as Pindaya and the Farm Caves. Luang Khao Cave Temple Temple Cave Thailand. Cave Temple of Interest - Review by Shwe Oo Min Paya, Kalaw, Myanmar

The temple is in a cave and is a smaller variation of the large Pindaya cave. The cave temple here is about 500 years old. Come and see us when you have come to the Kalaw area for a trek. It is another Buddah temple, but it is definitely a worthwhile place to be.

Across the street from the square, go past the mosque and the grammar school (on the left). At the traffic circle, take the first street and drive up the hill gradually. Turn right at the first street and drive across the course. You will find the temple on the street on the right.

It is obligatory to visit si esstás en Pindaya.

In Myanmar, 4 cave systems to investigate

Stop at the temple and pagoda and walk under the Myanmar sea floor to explore the mysterious lime stone cave and cave with our inside man Will. Famous for calcareous rock, amazing scenery and unexplored cave system, it's primitive to go below ground and see under the Burmese subsurface. The thing I love about Myanmar is that it is possible to go on remote adventure where you don't see any other aliens and, who knows, maybe you are visiting a part of the land that has never been researched by an outside person!

So before I unveil some of Myanmar's best-kept mysteries, remember that some of these cave complexes are 200 million years old, so it's important not to make a trail and take nothing but photos. The Pindaya Cave is hidden in the highland of the South Shan State and is an easy leap from the famous Inle Lake.

Capture a pick-up into the mounds and track down Buddhist believers who have traveled far and wide for centuries to see this unbelievable cave system of over 8,000 Buddha sculptures. These gold Buddhas, enthroned on fragile cliffs, are following you with their gaze as you discover the Pindaya Cave.

Situated near Hpa An, Sadan Cave is one of the biggest caverns I have found in Myanmar, ruled by tens of unbelievable Buddha sculptures, intrusive wood sculptures and huge wooden ceilings of bat. Be sure to take a spotlight with you through the pitch-black cave caverns so you can see beautiful storagmites, galactites and glittering crystals.

It was not that I would suggest it, but I ventured barefooted through the cave, climbed onto sliding cliffs and led myself through the small corridors. There was a stinging scent of bats droppings filling the atmosphere, and sometimes the bats' squeaks were earsplitting - but it was rewarding to breach this huge cave and see the views from the other side.

When I appeared from the dark of the cave, I was amazed by the breath-taking views of a secret sea that connects with it. Sitting and taking in everything as the mountain dawned, and with a plume of bat rushing out of the cave behind me - I felt a little like Batman.

The Po Win Daung Cave is one of the holiest caverns in Myanmar and is situated just westwards of Monywa. The interior of Po Win Daung is adorned with dramatic wall paintings on the cave wall and a huge Buddhist statuearium. There are several terraced caverns with a magnificent panoramic views of the town.

The Kawgun Cave was built in the early seventh centuary and is situated near the city of Hpa An. It is a holy place that draws many Buddha ist holy friars who come here to pray. This well conserved cave has a mystic charme, with unbelievable mural paintings and woodcarvings with thousand of Buddha pictures.

One of the locals gave me a hint about the wonderful views of the surroundings that can be achieved by climbing the Kawgun Cave! Myanmar has several thousand caverns, and the locals have used them for centuries as places of devotion to the Buddha. Undoubtedly more and more cave complexes will be found over the years!

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