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Explore all our car models, accessories, services and more on our global website. Hire a car to zoom from one place to another! Burma car dealers, motoring websites collection of all people in Myanmar around the world. What is the official e-visa website? Now we have a new website for car rental reservation.

Car Site rounds off record year for Myanmar Tech start-ups

Technological start-ups located in Yangon are attracting unprecedented amounts of VC investment with new seedings from angels from around the globe. Recent numbers show that 2014 was an excellent year for start-ups in Myanmar.

The first round of seedings, worth $160,000, was started as an on-line automotive marketing platform in early 2012 by Singapore Angel sponsors. BurmaCarsDB connects car shoppers and vendors in Myanmar and is a place for car lovers looking for classed cars, community car marketing messages, community car control information and car listing service throughout Myanmar.

Fronttier Digital Ventures, headed by on-line marketing specialists, chief executive officer and founder Shaun Di Gregorio, has recently extended its Myanmar footprint by investing in the on-line automotive website. Myanmar is the last pristine Asian market," said Di Gregorio. Frontier's capital expenditure in the world' s premier automotive location places us in an ideal position to develop the Myanmar region.

Our active collaboration with BurmaCarsDB's senior executive team is designed to speed up our expansion and expand our position as a leader in the industry.

The range of Myanmar ventures extends from small initial equity to subsequent ventures. With the development of the technological markets, it is less challenging for businesses to make major purchases. "Myanmar's technological sector is a boom country with extraordinary talent and invites investors from all over the world to make records.

He said the 2014 agreement would help Myanmar CarsDB attracts further investment from global investment.

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