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When buying a car in 2018, what has to be considered?

In 2018, the government's new approach to importing automobiles limited to new left-hand driven automobiles has altered the way car owner make choices about purchasing or sales of automobiles. Used Toyota automobiles are likely to be in great demand in the near future. In the longer run, sales of new automobiles from other manufacturers will increase.

Now that the new policies in place, potential car shoppers have several choices when it comes to which car to buy. This includes brandnew, local mounted lefthand drivers, new importet left-hand drivers and used right or left-handlers. In the next few month, car dealership owners expect more inquiries for used Toyota right-hand drivers that have been manufactured and reimported for their own use in the past.

Toyotas are considered to be of high standard by the local people and constitute the majority of the cars on the roads. "They should choose used Toyotas produced between 2011 and 2013 for purchasers with a K40 million-K50 million budgets, as these cars are of higher qualitiy and will no longer be available from now on," said U Min Min Min Min Maung, CEO of Wun Yan Kha Autohaus.

If you are looking for long haul or extended trip coaches, for example, you can choose the Toyota Surf or Alphard, as these coaches can transport up to seven passengers and costs around K40 million or less. "If you can't buy the Alphard, you can choose the Toyota Wish, which has the same seat load as the Alphard, but at a lower price," said U Aung Than Win, chairman of the Motor Vehicle Trading Association.

Purchasers who want smaller cars for easy transport and short journeys should opt for used Toyotas with 1,300 cc motors that are more economical and easy to store on the crowded, cramped streets of Yangon. The price of these cars is between 15 and 20 million K. While in Myanmar almost every car seller will be selling his car, the purchase of used cars is standard procedure.

Currently, used, import-made Toyotas are considered higher value and cheaper than new, local mounted Toyotas. Older japanese car models are in great demand and much simpler to be sold than some of the new ones due to the perception of goodness. Sometimes vendors of used Japonese automobiles can even benefit from the sales.

One thing is certain: they will not loose their starting money with a Japonese car," said U Min Min Min Maung. By contrast, even if new local mounted automobiles come with guarantees and may even be less expensive than a used Toyota, owner are unlikely to charge the car when sold in the second-hand store.

"In addition to their own car habits, shoppers are also considering how simple it is to buy a car when they need the cash or want to switch it. So they should opt for vehicles that are well accepted by the market," says U Aung Than Win. Ahlone Township's Ma Su Myat, who plans to buy a car soon for a total of up to K35 million, said she will probably opt for a used Toyota Mark II instead of a new car.

"The Toyota I think, even though it's second-handed, is similar to a new one made here. But, more than that, this is a very common and easily resold label in Myanmar," she said. "Myanmar is very fond of Toyota. With so many cars coming in from abroad, there are many choices for buyers," he said, added that the accessibility of used Toyota parts and servicing centres is also more available in Myanmar, which is a big plus in the choice between car manufacturers.

According to Toyota, purchasers have a tendency to opt for Honda as a second choice, with Nissan and Suzuki forming the third and forth options. "My own personal experiences show that clients are beginning to make more comparisons between new and used vehicles. Pre-owned right-handers are becoming far too costly because of the new policies, so shoppers get less for their money," said U Aung Naing Tun, manager of the Sakura car dealership.

Indeed, it will not be long before the need for new, local left-hand drive vehicles from Nissan, Suzuki and Ford increases. "The interest in the new automobiles is growing. In addition, in contrast to used Toyotas, the price of new vehicles is steady and consumers can buy at any time. In my opinion, the used car sector in Japan will not be able to rival the new car sector in the long term," said U Aung Naing Tun.

A number of folks say that domestically produced vehicles are not of good qualitiy. It is also permissible for domestic car manufacturers to give out sought-after Yangon number tags to purchasers. Last year, the regional government of Yangon discontinued the issuance of recommendations for parks that are necessary to obtain a Yangon numberplate. Yangon numbered car holders are entitled to use Yangon over night.

At present, car purchasers are given licence plate numbers from other countries and areas.

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