Myanmar Capital Population

People of Myanmar capital

This is the "official" population of the government. The city has officially one million inhabitants, but many doubt that. Naypyidaw, the capital of Myanmar. Immigration and urbanization in Myanmar: Listing of the population in cities and capitals of states and regions.


Yangon, Myanmar's capital, has been shaped by the changes in recent years. In particular, the founding of three new cities by the governing State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) in the latter 1980s more than doubled the area of the town. With the speed with which the youngest new cities were founded, their greatness and the dramatic changes in the form of the cities caused by the foundation of these new cities or townships, they differ from the new cities that emerged in the 1950' and early 1960'.

Yangon's two main drivers of economic development, demographics and spatial development, are at the heart of this paper, which highlights the policy dimensions of Myanmar's municipal development.


Making Access Possible (MAP) Myanmar's Making Access Possible (MAP) Final Roadmap forms the basis for our national programs and intervention that help to achieve a number of sustainable development goals. It offers MSMEs, smallholders, women-owned businesses, young people, vulnerable and low-income customers a wide variety of accessible, high-quality, efficient and accountable finance solutions by stimulating stakeholder collaboration.

One of EFA's key components is the Marktentwicklungsfailität (Market Development Facility), which aims to tackle systematic failure in a number of areas through focused financing responses. The bank acts as a catalyst wholesaler financier capable of taking risks and using external capital resources to promote the financing of capital ised MFI in Myanmar.

The EFA also works with the SHIFT (Shaping Inclusive Finance Transformations) financing scheme, which is designed to speed up integration across the ASEAN area. The MicroLead Expansion Myanmar 2014-2017 is a $7 million program that will bring major players to Myanmar, where they will become leader, make further investments and have a positive impact on the growth of the MFI and co-operative Sector.

The MicroLead also includes a case study and calendar research framework to better understanding the fiscal behaviour of low-income individuals, which is available as government goods through our knowledge management platform.

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