Myanmar Capital Map

Map of Myanmar Capital

Burma's GDP - What is the capital of Burma? Like a dragon whose long tail reaches far south? As the model results were translated into the maps used in the report. Explore how people and animals benefit from natural capital. See maps of the natural capital of Tanintharyi.

Bombardier BBC NEWS | Asia Pacific | Burma's new capitol revealed

Burma's army leaders have shown their new capitol to the outside for the first ever. Naypyidaw, or residence of royalty, will be constructed about 460 km northern of the old capitol Rangoon. So far only a few outside parties have been able to go there, but the international press have been summoned to the German capital to see the giant Armed Forces Day procession.

Burma's rugged and crowded streets give way to the slippery eight-lane highways as you get closer to the new city. The city of Naypyidaw is being constructed on a huge and flamboyant site in an area of several hundred kilometers squared in a bush landscape. They are being designed for all those who had to move out of the former capitol Rangoon a year and a half ago.

We had a brief look at him this mornin' as he visited thousand of parade forces on Armed Forces Day. Certainly in its secluded new capitol, the army still shows no sign of easing its influence on Burma.

Explore the ancient capitals of Myanmar: Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan - 8 nights

Worship the holy Shwedagon Pagoda, walk past faded colorful monuments and take a trip on the intriguing Yangon suburban railway to gain an impression of some of the country's cultural life. You will then visit Mandalay, a town immortalised by the writer Rudyard Kipling and home to the last Myanmar kings.

Trail the tracks of the Magi, visit the last surviving King's House, cycle through the smaller former empire of Inwa, discover Myanmar's sacred side in the city of sagaing and much more. This Myanmar adventure's last stop is Bagan, which arrives in the best possible way: by boot. In Bagan your day is full of exploring temples, visit villages and immerse yourself in the way of living of the locals.

Wellcome to Myanmar! Your tour leader and chauffeur awaits you after clearance at Yangon International Airport. Transfers to the airport (30-60 min. according to traffic) and check-in at your hotels. Head off to explore the former Yangon with an experienced Chinese tour leader and enjoy a glimpse of the city's colourful past and contemporary lifestyle.

Stroll the side roads, hear the tales of these historical monuments and get a sense of what living in Myanmar's biggest town is like. You will end your stroll in such a place where you can drink a fresh drink or a nice cuppa. Late in the afternoons you will be visiting Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar's most sacred site.

Discover the world of the Maggot and its surrounding area and get to know the profound religious convictions and customs of the area. They will be accompanied by worshippers and often Tibetan buddhists who will come for prayer at the end of the workday. After dark, you can either go back to your accommodation for the evenings or go to a nearby dining room for supper.

It is an early take-off this afternoon with a breakfast trip to Mandalay, Myanmar's last imperial capitol. As soon as you get off schedule, take your guidebook into town and visit a snackshop. You will reach the last edifice of the former King Palast, Shwe Nandaw Kyaung, after a brief stroll or a ride.

Discover this breathtaking trek and then drive to Kuthodaw Pagoda, a set of etched plates of stone called "the greatest ledger in the world". Then you will go to the ditch of Mandalay Palace for pictures, then drive to the motel to make a check-in and take some refreshment in. Later in the evening you go to a studio for the production of goldfleat, a laborious procedure that has not much change since the era of the empire.

You can buy some if you want before going to a Buddha style marina that is not often frequented by people. Unite with the natives to buy sacrifices and get an insight into Myanmar's Buddha istism. Then, you go to a nearby restaurants for supper or back to your hotels for supper (at your own expense).

Recharge your batteries with a good buffet breakfasts at the bike adventures this mornings. First you drive to the edge of the city to get away from the early hours of commuter traffic and then cycle through the alleys of Inwa and Amarapura. Besides visiting the sights, you will be able to talk to the local people and explore some of the countryside scene.

When you' re done taking pictures, get in your vehicle and across the Irrawaddy River to the Myanmar buddhistic centre of Sagaing. It' s the only way to get there. Head to the top of Legaing Mountain to see some of the 300 Buddhaist memorials that fill the city. On the way back you can stop at some impressive old remains or go to a monastery or monastery educational centre.

Checking out of the motel after having finished your morning meal and getting in the van to head for Bagan. Get out and drive to your hotels for check-in. Explore the tempe levels with an experienced native tour leader for an entire outing. Then, it is a brief stroll to their home to see what is beyond Bagan's temple-filled flats.

Back to the motel to refresh and grab before heading to the airfield for the plane back to Yangon. You will be met by a chauffeur who will take you to your Myanmar overnight-stay. You will be picked up at your accommodation by your unguided chauffeur who will take you to the Aiport.

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