Myanmar Capital City Yangon

Yangon, capital of Myanmar

It is not the capital of Myanmar anymore. Burma is also part of South Asia. Bus: Nay Pyi Taw is located between the two most populous cities of Myanmar, Yangon and Mandalay. The Nay Pyi Taw Station is located on the main Yangon-Mandalay line. Did you visit the capital of Myanmar?


The adventure in Naypyidaw, the bizarre capital of Myanmar

I' ve had Naypyidaw on my visitor register for a long while. I was fascinated by the notion of having the vast but empty funds for myself. I was actually looking forward to coming to this capitol as soon as my ticket was on. So where the hell's Naypyidaw? This lonely town lies between the two biggest towns of Myanmar, Yangon and Mandalay.

Naypyidaw, constructed from nothing, probably accepts the honor as the least densely settled city in the whole worl! Some speculations have been made about the reasons for moving the city from Yangon to Naypyidaw. The official authorities had to move to Yangon due to overload. But at a while the mysterious army jungle still had virtually everything under control, any cause is as good as conjecture.

A few said the Yangon marines were scared of a naval raid because it is near the ocean, and so they chose to establish a new capitol upcountry. Over the last few years, the German government has made the German state' s capitol itself unaccessible to the people. As a result of the change to civil rule, the once mysterious planning town opened up to the country's elite for local people and visitors, if at all.

You can book a coach pass simply on line or through the reception of your hotel in the main towns of Myanmar. Since there is practically no means of transportation, however, you will need to take a taxicab to connect your last kilometer with your Naypyidaw shelter. By the time I got in the cab, my chauffeur must have been confused why some Asiatic guy wanted to go to see Naypyidaw.

I didn't even know how to get to my place! I have never in my whole lifetime spent the night in such a luxury backpackers home. This five-story edifice was really outstanding - it was off the beaten track, virtually nowhere in the centre of the country, and the only edifice that was illuminated in the black.

I was met by a receptionist who was waiting to meet me for check-in and I found myself on my way to my room. Terribly calm and empty hallway in the city. I felt hungrier after supper and made my way to the groundfloor motel restuarant, which is free of any ornament.

We' ve turned it into backpacker tourism at a motel. It' fun to imagine how a three-star corporate travelers' property houses a group of somewhat unintentional consumers. As I had nothing better to do, I chose to go back to my room to experience the luxuries I didn't have after a few month of backpacker tourism.

Before, I took a last look outside the motel and found that the upper two storeys were turned off. After a very pleasant night's rest in my own well-equipped room, I awoke. After I went for my morning meal, the personnel of the hotels were prepared to wait on the few people who lived there.

As I wanted to have a drink, one of the employees polite but persistent helped me. Then it was quest season in the vast city. I' d already done some research about the sights and contacted the reception to make arrangements for a trip. After discussing and finalizing the places I wanted to go to, she passed the information on as a interpreter to the motorcycle cabbie, who soon got there.

Gemmaking is one of the largest industry in Myanmar. Number of employees was significantly higher than the number of attendees. Actually, I was the only person to visit, and there were no fewer than ten employees alone in this empty shed! There was a great deal to report, and all the time I was the only one who saw the various types of rock and mineral objects and the associated produce intended for those of a high level of sophistication.

I soon realized how my move was being followed and foretold by the people working there. They' re turning on the light for the next exhibit I want to see. If I saw certain items, they turned off the light! Unfortunately, I was pulled over by one of the employees and had to dock it.

By the end of the tour I came to the conclusion that the personnel there had two tasks - turning the exhibition lighting on and off and preventing photos from being taken. After meeting my chauffeur, we headed out again. In all honesty, I didn't know what the next target would be at that point, and the conversation with the rider was ineffective because he didn't know a thing about English.

We are on the way in no time, what Naypyidaw is known for: I had never seen such a broad and very empty street in my whole being. So I started to wonder why on the whole world the army regimes would construct this street, which is obviously too broad for such a small town.

On my cycling tour, which felt like an everlasting experience, I reached the Naypyidaw Zoo. When I met my rider again, I tried to communicate my intent to change my schedule. Without understanding it, he phoned the hotelier and she became my interpreter again. I had a problem with my rider.

Soon we arrived at the entrance of a vast building in the faraway. It was so big that my rider had to ask which veranda we had to leave. My rider was amazed at the size of the facility. Situated in the new building, the building consists of five giant exhibitions rooms connected by long, giant, visitor-free corridors.

This first exhibition shows the Myanmar defense story and its mileposts. All other four hangars show the various departments of the Myanmar military. After inspecting the items, my rider left in the first shed. It' taken me forever to record all these items! Because of the possible sensibility I did not photograph the objects myself.

It was hard to expect that my trip to the museums would be the biggest climax of my daily life, but it was. Now that we have visited all five exhibition spaces, it is our turn to go to our last and last place of interest: I' ve been weary of all the long journeys between giant and empty sights in this huge city, but I' ve held out.

Imitating the famed Shwedagon Pagoda in the former capitol, the building is quite empty and has a cheerful ambience - far removed from the one in Yangon. Afterwards it was a last hooray on the 20-lane motorway on the way back to the motel! Shouldn't you go to Naypyidaw?

Well, if you're really intrigued by the real sense of being in a hardly evolved town, I'd say give it a try. But where in the world can you find such big and empty landmarks? The loneliness and the great void make Naypyidaw so unique, yet it is easy to reach from the two big towns of Yangon and Mandalay, as the busses depart frequently from their particular coach-station.

An entire exploration with a rented rider (motorcycle or car) can be readily organized; just come closer to the front desk in your lodging and they should be more than fortunate to help. In the case of Naypyidaw, it's not really about his rides. Rather, its heritage of the army gives the place a unique off-centre feel in comparison to other advanced Southeast Asian towns.

Visiting a few places in Myanmar doesn't hurt to stop by at Naypyidaw on the way. Anything I could say is that it will definitely give the appearance of a strangely interesting town!

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