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See Myanmar Capital Advisors Pte. Mr. Wilson is Managing Director of Myanmar Capital Advisors Pte. "("MCA"), a boutique consultancy specializing in the Myanmar market. All Myanmar Advisors lets you see who you know, use your professional network and get hired.

The Myanmar Directorate of Investment and Company Administration.

Burma Capital Advisors | The Team

We have been working in Myanmar for 15 years - long before the turmoil of investors over the last two years due to recent changes in the country's politics and economy. In Asia, our directors have held executive roles with world-class multinational corporations, run small US based technological businesses, worked on policy and government in Myanmar and assisted many multinational corporations in a number of industries with accountable investments in the United States and throughout Southeast Asia.

Mr. Wilson is the Chief Executive Officer of Myanmar Capital Advisors Pte. He resided in Myanmar from 1998-2000. Paul, a forerunner in the Myanmar telecom sector, co-founded a venture in the 1990s to work with the federal administration and offer MNOs.

In early 2012, he moved back to Myanmar and established MCA to advise and assist multinationals and institutional investor. He is also CEO of Four Rivers, a US based fund management firm focusing on Myanmar's capabilities. For the past 20 years he has worked in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Korea for multinationals such as Microsoft, Accenture and Lucent Technologies.

His responsibilities include the commitment of the goverment, commercial growth and partner/channel mangement. Mr. Chris joins Myanmar Capital Advisors (MCA) in November 2013. He' s been working on Myanmar topics for eight years and provides MCA with a solid grasp of the environment, society and state. He has worked with many multinational customers in the areas of entering the markets and investing responsibly.

Prior to that, he was Associate Director at BSR in Hong Kong and managed the organization's expanding Southeast Asian business mix of businesses in the fields of Petroleum & Natural Resources, Minerals andTechnologies. He began his professional life at the International Republican Institute, where he headed U.S.-government financed democratic and government programmes in Myanmar, Timor-Leste and Indonesia.

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