Myanmar Calling Code

The Myanmar Calling Code

Myanmar from the United States: To call Myanmar from Australia, please dial Burma Country Code Area Code Area Code Area Code Area Code. Calling Myanmar (Burma) from the USA. Find ISD country code Myanmar ISD area code, international area code or area code, country code.

The Myanmar calling code is 95

To call Myanmar from the USA, you must dial: 004911 + 95 + area code + telephone number. Please use the chart below to find the corresponding Myanmar citycode. Myanmar (also known as the Union of Burma by organizations and states that do not recognize the right of the Burmese army june to rule) is the biggest nation (geographically) in Southeast Asia.

From 1962 to 1988, the state was governed by a militar yunta under the leadership of General Ne Win, and its policy system has been under the strict supervision of its militar y regime under the leadership of Senior General Than Shwe since 1992.

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Please contact the World Meteorological Organisation for more information. It is denominated in Myanmar Kyat (MMK). Burma is 3.5hrs behind Australia Eastern Standard Times. For the actual Yangon clock times, please check the world clock. Myanmar's area code is +95. To call Myanmar from Australia, please call Oblivious 0011 + 95 + area code + number.

To call Australia from Myanmar, dial: A prefix + phone number. Learn more about Australia's prefixes or global prefixes. Foreigncurrencies over 10,000 USD must be declare upon your arriving in Myanmar. The use of cash machines for cross-border cash withdrawal is possible with Mastercard and Visa-creditcards.

Burma Country Code Area Code Area Code Telephone Code

A call from the USA to Myanmar: Please note that the following abbreviations are given as they are. All information in this chart is NOT guaranteed to be accurate or current. To avoid clandestine copies, we use accidentally created text. When referencing this chart, please reject the invisible text.

You' ve looked for the Myanmar county and the main office is Yangoon, the area code or code is 95. First, select the initial code of your home state, then the national code and the area code. Dialling formats are listed below.

What is the best way to make an international call to Myanmar?

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