Myanmar Calendar 2016 November

Burma Calendar 2016 November

The end of Buddhist Lent, full moon of Thadingyut, October-November. Full Moon of Tazaungmon, November-December. 21 November 22, full moon of Tazaungmone. The Myanmar Calendar - November 2016. The Myanmar Trade Fair, Exhibition and Conference Calendar for November & December 2016.

I' m living in Myanmar: Nov. 2016

I still remember the stroll across the high grassy areas in search of the Lady Kyyan, who is working on her property. There was a very slender old female named Qayan, curved in two parts, concentrating on slicing straws of rye with a crescent. It is just one of many brief tales I wrote about my two-day journey to Kayah State.

During a two days trip I paid a short trip to Loikaw and its surroundings. It was a chance to get to know different ethnical groups, learn more about the tradition, convictions and way of living of these peoples, whose primary income is farming. To the Kayah State I went to see the hill, lake and mountain that decorate the skyline and to breath the coolness.

It is the smallest state in Myanmar in both area and populations, one hour's flying time from Yangon. In spite of its small dimensions, this country is home to a large number of strains with such a wealth of cultures and singular customs. The Kayah State opened its gates to the tourist industry in 2012. Only for some of the areas around Loikaw, the state' s capitol.

Many places where certain towns (such as Dawdemagyi (Kayah) and Htekko (Kayaw)) can only be accessed with the approval of the respective city. Myanmar's tribal peoples spoke their own languages and many old peoples do not talk or comprehend Myanmar.

Sometimes you don't really like Myanmar. But I was still amazed that my Mingala bar and Juzu be, the Myanmar hello and thanks were usually not answer. If you have once arrived in Loikaw and are travelling to different towns to see the different strains (Kayah, Kayan, Kayin, Pa-O, etc.), you will find that this is a very particular place.

Enjoying the peace and relaxed ambience of the village, the cool morning breeze and the scent of plants and weed. Leaving Kayah State I felt I had seen very little of this astonishing land named Myanmar. - and the environment:

More and more indigenous people in their typical costume travel on Saturday to buy and distribute goods (from groceries to clothing) in this medium-sized town. The Kayah sorghum wines and paddy wines, produced and marketed by native ladies, can also be tasted. The Taung Kwe Pagoda (or Broken Mountain) was constructed on a hill and offers a wonderful 360 degree view over Loikaw and the neighbouring hills.

It is best to visit the marina at sundown. The Naung Yah is wonderful for an afternoons stroll or a meal in one of the local restaurant. State Museum of Culture is a good place to find out more about the different ethnical breeds of the Kakah state and their way of living with an amazing exhibition of brass bells.

Visits do not exceed one hours. The Kayah state has a Buddhist or Christian predominance, but its animistic faith and superstition are still profoundly entrenched and present in its worship. Umbrellas and seven-storey lakes are two of the most beautiful places you should not miss, and they are 20 minutes by car from the town.

It is a small slimy pool in which igneous activities stir up sands in the form of anumbrellas. You will be offered a number of towns to see the Kayah and Qayan mothers. Find a plane and try to get away from the long trip from Yangon to Loikaw (about 13 hours).

We have two airlines flying almost every day from Yangon to Loikaw: If you want to go to Inle at the same embarkation, you can go to Heho and hire a ferry to Phekon. It is only a 45-minute drive from the Phekon pier to Loikaw.

The LoikawLodge am See was our home and I would suggest this cozy and new familiytel. Myanmar and German speaking English is very good and they will respond very quickly to your e-mails and enquiries. They can therefore help you with your route, organise a guided vehicle or ask on your account for a permit to see some of the villi.

In Loikaw there are also other hotels. When you have the opportunity, take an additional day or two to see other ethnical groups (don't neglect to ask for approval in advance) and maybe take a longer hike. Have a look at the wonderful scenery (! without intensifying the colors on the photos!) of Kayah State.

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