Myanmar Calendar 2016 March

Burma Calendar 2016 March

Burma March 2016 - Calendar with holidays. Calendar for the month of March in 2016. 02, 10-01-2016, Sunday, Kayin New Year's Day. 03, 12-02-2016, Friday, Union Day. FDI in Myanmar increased by 656.

When' s Easter 2016 in Myanmar?

Easter Week begins in the Roman Catholic Church traditions with Palm Sunday, when Jesus comes to Jerusalem and is welcomed with rose-leafs. Below are the 2016 calendar data of the city. Palm Sunday is March 20, 2016. The Holy Monday is 21 March 2016.

The Holy Tuesday is 22 March 2016. The Holy Wednesday is 23 March 2016. Maundy Thursday is 24 March 2016. Good Friday is 25 March 2016. Easter Saturday is March 26, 2016. Easter Week begins according to the Orthodox Catholic Church with the Saturday of Lazarus' rebirth.

In the following, the concrete deadlines of the calendar of Gregoria for 2016 are given. Saturday Lazarus will fall on April 23, 2016. Palm Sunday is April 24, 2016. The Holy Monday is 25 April 2016. The Holy Tuesday is 26 April 2016. The Holy Wednesday is 27 April 2016. Maundy Thursday is 28 April 2016.

Good Friday is 29 April 2016. Easter Saturday is April 30, 2016. The following page shows information about forthcoming events for this year 2016. Barcelona_fc's next match and Myanmar's schedule: the next match of the 2016 campaign. Receive the match broadcast timing for Myanmar.

Timing shifts in Myanmar in 2016: Changes of Myanmar in 2016, information about daylight saving and standard times and their offsets in Myanmar.

The Myanmar Calendar 100 Years, 2018-July

Chosen Myanmar calendar date: That was the date Gutama Buddha taught the first Buddha, ?????? or Dhammacakka (Pali), to five disciples, ??????? ??? ??????, after his Buddhahood. This is also the beginning of the Buddhist vassa, where Buddhist friars retire to a peaceful place for 3-month. Whato Gown Weave Festivals (?????????????????????????) or competitions take place during the full Monday morning, where contestants must complete the weave of the gown before daybreak, which will later be given to the Buddha-painting.

Burma 100 Years Calendar. Use the next or preceding option to cycle through the month or use the drop-down menu to skip to the desired date. You can use the British date to get the Myanmar calendar, or use the Myanmar date to get the Myanmar calendar.

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