Myanmar Calendar 2016 December

Burma Calendar 2016 December

Burma December 2016 - Calendar with holidays. Calendar for the month of December in 2016. Current Music State Shows - Home; Myanmar Calendar. The calendar of Jaunary 2017 will be published on December 25.

December 7 to 8, 2012.

Burma Inflation Rate MoM | 1998-2018 | Dates | Graph | Calendar

Myanmar's consumer price index rose 0.30 per cent in May 2018 compared to the prior months. Myanmar's Mom rate of annual averaged 1.07% from 1998 to 2018, peaking at an all-time high of 4.50% in January 2002 and a peak of -2.32% in December 2015.

This enables customers to access tens of thousands of historical information, access our real-time business calendar, sign up for regular subscriptions and get prices for currency, commodity, equity and bondhold. Myanmar Inflation Rate offers - Myanmar Inflation Rate Monthly Monitor - current figures, historic dates, forecasts, charts, stats, calendars and more. The Myanmar Inflation Rate Monthly Monitor - current dates, historic graph and publication calendar - was last revised in July 2018.

Tourism in Myanmar

The year 2016 may be over for some individuals..................... for many of those living in 500 years. As the Western world celebrates its Gregorian New Year in a few short get-togethers, Myanmar is just beginning the country's start of the count down to Thinkgyan - the annual celebration in Myanmar at the turn of the year.

Rangoon, December 27, 2016. Living and working in Yangon, Myanmar's biggest town, is slowing down in early April. A great time for visitors to explore Myanmar and experience the thrill! The Thingyan, which means "Transit of the Sun from Fish to Aries," is the Burma New Year Water Festival and usually takes place around mid-April (the Burma moon Tagu).

This is a Buddhistic celebration that is held over a four to five week time frame and culminates in the New Year. Appointments for the Thingyan Festivals are based on the Myanmar calendar and usually take place between April 12th and 16th. Thingyan' s prelude, the first night of the event named a-kyo neei, is the beginning of a multitude of spiritual activity.

The Thingyan is a period in which upsatha observation periods, similar to the Shabbat, are celebrated. Charity and sacrifices are placed in front of the Buddha pictures in front of a monk in his monastery and offering a leafy stem of a leafy tree, surrounded by leafy banana bouquets and branches of the tree (Syzygium cumini), over which fragrant waters are washed down from the top of his skull in a ceremony laundry.

Over the next few get-togethers, the true joy begins with singing, dancing and listening to tunes in advance of the Wasserfest. Pouring over each other or tossing over each other from any kind of jar or equipment that supplies it is the characteristic hallmark of this event and can take place every day from 10:00 to 18:00 during the first four workdays.

Yangon, for example, uses not only softer dishes and mugs but also horticultural tubes, giant fire hose or synthetic spray guns and other equipment from which to spray it! This is the hotter part of the year and good watering is well-received.

This is certainly one of the best times of the year for any fun-loving visitor, family or youth to come to Myanmar. There is a countrywide aquatic event, but you will be a little untroubled if you indicate that you would like to go to the Shrine. "I have seen Songkran in Thailand and the festivities of the New Year in Cambodia and Laos, but I have never seen such a big one.

Myanmar uses fire engines and tubes while its neighbors buy rubber weapons to scatter water!" - avid tourist from Germany who came to Myanmar in April 2016 said. The Thingyan is a great season to come to Myanmar to see the best of its ancient civilization, coupled with a contemporary celebration at the highest level.

Burma Tourism Marketing plans to organise a stand for visitors from 12-16 April 2017 to experience the excitement in Yangon, please feel free to inquriate. If you have any inquiries or inquiries about this press release or upcoming press tours or TV and movie offers in Myanmar, please do not hesitate to do so: Please do not hesitate to do so: Please do not hesitate to do so: We will be happy to answer your questions:

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