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Burma Calendar

Explore Myanmar's culture, its special calendar and traditional astrology. Homepage " com.github. chanmratekoko " myanmar calendar. Myanmar Translational Events and Culture.

.. If you are Shwe Myanmar, you will love this Myanmar calendar. The full moon day of every month in Myanmar's calendar has its own festive occasion. The Myanmar Calendar is a traditional Myanmar moon calendar with a list of holidays and religious events.

The Myanmar Calendar 100 Years, 2018-July

Chosen Myanmar calendar date: That was the date Gutama Buddha taught the first Buddha, ?????? or Dhammacakka (Pali), to five disciples, ??????? ??? ??, after his Buddhahood. This is also the beginning of the Buddhist vassa, where Buddhist friars retire to a peaceful place for 3-month. Whato Gown Weave Festivals (???????????????????????) or competitions take place during the full Monday morning, where contestants must complete the weave of the gown before daybreak, which will later be given to the Buddha-painting.

Burma 100 Years Calendar. Use the next or preceding option to cycle through the month or use the drop-down menu to skip to the desired date. You can use the British date to get the Myanmar calendar, or use the Myanmar date to get the Myanmar calendar.

2018 Calendar - Myanmar

Creating calendars Year: Country: 2:9:17:25:31: 7:16:23: 2:9:17:24:31: 8:16:23:30: 8:15:22:29: 7:14:20:28: 6:13:20:28: 5:11:18:26: 3:10:17:25: 2:9:17:24:31: 7:15:23:30: 7:15:23:29: Holidays: The lunar phase is computed with the lunar phase in Naypyidaw. Lunar symbols: Neumond. 1. quarter. A full moons. Third quarter. A number of public and private holiday and data are color-coded: Red-Federal and Sundays. There are no public and public days.

Burma Calendar

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" "The creatives of the 4.0 International Licence. You are free to use it for any purposes, even commercial. Naming - You can specify a reference to the licence, but this is not mandatory. M. mm = Myanmar month[Tagu=1, Kason=2, Nayon=3, 2nd Waso=0, (2nd) Waso=4, Wagaung=5,

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