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Currently 49 carriers are operating from Mingaladon Airport. The airport Mingaladon has non-stop services to 34 towns. There are at least 216 national and 392 intercontinental departures per weeks from Mingaladon Airport. Currently 22 carriers are operating from Annisaton Airport. The Annisaton Airport operates non-stop services to 12 towns. At least 130 national and 70 intercontinental services leave Annisaton Airport every time.

Currently 7 carriers are operating from Heho Airport. The Heho Airport operates non-stop services to 7 towns. At least 87 internal departures per city from Heho Airport every city. Currently 7 carriers are operating from Nyaung-u airport. The Nyaung-u airport has non-stop services to 4 towns. At least 53 internal departures per weeks from Nyaung-u airport.

Currently 13 carriers are operating from Naypyidaw Airport. The airport operates non-stop to 4 towns. There are at least 26 national and 26 foreign departures from Naypyidaw Airport every fortnight.

Novel collaborative approach to the treatment of Myanmar haematitis C

Burnet's head of the Myanmar programme, Dr Phone Myint Win, hopes that scientists from both centers will be able to shed new light on an increasing number of problems. "This is a new area for Burnet in Myanmar, but the new government has made it a major public safety concern, which is why Burnet's international and public safety centers are working together," Dr. Phone said.

PhD said a new division of medical research and the Myanmar Liver Foundation found surveys high Levels of Patitis B and C throughout the Country. The general population's prevalence of the disease is around 6.5 per cent, while 2.6 per cent of the general public respond positively to it.

"In our 70-80 per cent droplet in the centers of 70-80 per cent folks who inject ( "PWID") are good for inflammation C, so it's a serious problem," said Dr. Telefon. Out of the five most important haematitis virus outbreaks, type B and C cause long-term illness in several hundred million individuals and together are the leading causes of circrhosis and cancers, which also cause about 80 per cent of death from HCC.

In addition to PWID for HIV in the field of HIV, Dr. Phone has also identified HIV in PWID, mothers and children's healthcare programs in the Shan and Magway North, and community-based TB screening and treatment for individuals with drug-resistant TB. Burnet Myanmar, he said, is striving to strengthen and improve its service in a period of fast transformation in the state.

"There is more interest in bi-national cooperation and new implementation parties and NGOs because the new administration provides legitimacy," said Dr. Phone.

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