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Pictures can NOT be edited. A daredevil photo shooting scene and her photo album by Nwe Nwe Htun. Burmese model and actress pictures. Get to know Myanmar's girls and traditions. Download Myanmar Woman Stock illustrations from iStock.

Inhabitants on the streets of Yangon -

That was 2005 in the not so beautiful, non-touristic areas of Yangon. I suspect they were undocumented workmen who had come to Yangon from Bangladesh in search of work. So I apologised (in English, of course) and they asked me for funds - which I gave.

Then I was pursued for about ten blocs by a flock of small children who were all pleading for moneys. The Yangon has undergone some changes, this neighbourhood is not so unhappy, although it is still a Moslem quarter withhall-restaurant. mitchStrp No more newcomer on the ascent! Prop PilotBW spent a great deal of our lives here, and they asked me for my share of it.

For about ten blocs a flock of (processed) beggars for cash followed me. No more newcomer on the rise!

Intagram Pair takes nudes in Bagan after Myanmar News reported them.

Do you know, considering Bagan is littered with signposts that warn aliens not to dress too much, you'd think they'd get the tip. The Instagram affiliate Cheeky Exploits was highlighted by Warso Moe Oo last night, who, as the name implies, shows photos of folks taking their ass off. Well there wouldn't be except a new pole shows a female whitey striping her piston into what is reportedly Bagan, according to her gelotag.

After a few hour the bank details were deleted, but not before the initial contribution with the Nyaung-U geo-tag was displayed on the screen (remember, children, this is the Internet). The sassy caption says the image was entered from another bankroll named Bumaround Theworld (side note: Who knew there were so many Instagram butter accounts?), which is run by a pair that "gives up our job to tour the globe together" and uploads photos of their asses from each of the places they have been.

Though there is no geoday on bumaroundtheworld's Originalpost either, it had the hash tags #seasia and #travelasia, which would make perfect sence if it were recorded in Myanmar. Initially they posted the photograph on May 12, but it wasn't posted for cheeky exploitation until Monday. They also seem to have taken a nude photograph in front of a cascade in another part of the land, although it is inconclusive where.

A Myanmar Instagram account holder commented: "Before many Burmese come and cast a spell on you, I would like to be the first Burmese to say:'COOL! And, please, don't sweat it if you get a few ass pains and you'". But it seems that both Bumaround Theworld and Cheekyexploits have realised that what they did could possibly end up in heated waters, as both sides have taken the image down, with the former also totally overriding their commentaries.

If even Vogue Korea couldn't get away with a Bagan Temples clothing shooting, what made you think it was okay? All prospective attendees - we can't believe we have to say this, but please keep your butt (and some other parts of your body) undercover, at least in the open.

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