Myanmar Business Visa Requirements

Burma Business Visa Requirements

Who can confirm that these are not only business visas but also tourist visas? - Sgt Schengen visa application form. Embassy requirements (per applicant). Learn about Burma/Myanmar visa requirements in San Diego, California. The Myanmar visa for South Africans is quite simple and convenient.

Burma Business Visa's declared

All foreigners who wish to travel to Myanmar must obtain a visa unless they are nationals of one of the visa free states ("visa exemption", see below). The Myanmar Act stipulates that a foreign national who wants to reside in Myanmar on a long-term basis must obtain a foreign national registration certificate and a long-term residence permit.

In the long run is more than 90 working day. A foreigner must be discharged from Myanmar after 70 working nights without these papers. That is also regulated in the regulations for business visa holder. If the foreigner comes from one of the following country, for example, he does not need a visa:

With Singapore, a 30-day visa-free visa-free treaty was agreed and will enter into effect on 1 December 2016. eVisa is 3 month validity. Foreigners have profited from the changes to the rules that came into effect in January 2016 for standardised visa applications.

They are valid for all types of visas. A visa is available to visa seekers from federal authorities who are preparing formal visas and need an invited visa from the relevant Ministry of the Republic of Myanmar of the Union of Myanmar. We do not offer charity or meditation services, but these services need hospitality from the convent that hosts the visit.

Business visas are necessary for companies with offices in Myanmar or for applicants wishing to establish a business (an important FocusCore supporting role). Not only for formal visitors but also for business and trade reasons for entering Myanmar. Published by the State Department. Reentry visa for foreign nationals who are allowed to stay in Myanmar.

Requests should be addressed to the Foreign Affairs Department of the Ministry of Immigration and Population. At the same one can apply for a foreigner registration certificate and a long-term residence visa. A long-term residence visa can be granted for three or six month before an annual visa is granted.

In FocusCore, your person in charge needs these files to forward them on your name. MIS approval (if applicable), indicating the number of suggested personnel and a listing of the current workforce abroad. Confirmation message from the applicant's Myanmar ambassador. Once received, FocusCore will take the necessary action and fill out the necessary paperwork together with the necessary cover notes.

It' important that you immediately after your arrival in Myanmar remind yourself to request the Alien Registration Certificate and the Long Term Residence Permit. When we work for you, please let us know of any changes to your trip data. We will prepare for you the necessary documents that require your and your employer's signatures.

If necessary, the documents will be produced with corresponding covering letter for each minister. This also includes the application for your foreigner registration certificate. As soon as these are exhibited, we will pick them up for you and agree a further appointment with you. Once you have received your long-term residence visa, you do not have to leave Myanmar until the 70-th anniversary date and can continue for the period specified in your visa.

We can apply for an extended term for you later and before the expiry of the long-term residence permits. As soon as the Township Immigration Department has awarded the certification and approval for your site, a copy will be available. Alien registration certificates in their own name, but their name must be added to their parents' alien registration certificates.

If you are under 18 and over 12 years of age, you must submit an AA submission request sheet. It will be added to the parental signature request page, the Myanmar visa and arrivals cancellation page, four matching photo passports taken within the last 6 month and the proof of your payment.

Please contact us and we will be happy to work for you and obtain the necessary permissions and visa. In February 2014 we opened our office in Myanmar. For you, this trial could probably be your first venture in Myanmar. Using our service, you have the freedom to concentrate on what you do best, knowing that we can point you in the right direction and easily adhere to local legislation and regulatory requirements.

It' a complicated procedure that, if not properly concluded, will add the actual cost and hidden cost of delay to your opening date, harming your business startup and revenue. We offer not only administrative support, but also fully-equipped offices, so that you get practically everything you need to get started and run in Myanmar from a single source.

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