Myanmar Business Visa on Arrival Form

Burma Business Visa on the arrival form

When the applicant does business on a business visa in Myanmar. Visas on Arrival are for business visas only. I' made the business visa once upon arrival. You have two different types of business visa: More information on business visa on entry can be found here:.

commercial visa

A business visa is for those who travel to Myanmar for business use. A business visa is required for a trip to Myanmar for up to 70 nights and is effective for travel within three month of the date of issuance. Your arrival day to Myanmar is counted.

MJEV ( "Multiple Travel Entrance Business") visa are for persons who have been issued at least two entrance visa by the embassy in Berlin. Applicants may first request MJEV 3 month and then MJEV 6 month for MJEV 1 year.

Downloads for the Embassy of Bangkok

Took me 10,340 bahts. Last year I had already had a year in Australia, so I showed them that and they gave me one again this year. If you have to line up with everyone (tourist and business visa), go to desk 4, where they will review your application and find out what you want.

They then give you a number and you are waiting for the number for Business Count 1 to be used. Return between 3.30 and 4.30 am by appointment and collect your pass and make sure you verify it! Applicable from and Applicable to shows one year, so you can see how it works in Yangon.

Saving me a lot of money because I forgot the need to copy my Passbio page. It' a shame the message can't put this material on its own website, as they do in or other Myanmar embassies. However, even the Australian Ambassador in Yangon is of no use in this respect if you need information on how to obtain a visa to enter Australia.

All messages seem to be lacking in comprehension of what it means to provide information on the Internet and do not want to make people' lives simpler. and no one ever answer the telephone? In any case, you can use the information here to help you conserve your own valuable resources and improve the effectiveness of your applications.

Do you have an updated on the costs of this visa in 2014 by the Embassy of Bangkok Myanmar?

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