Myanmar Business Visa on Arrival

Burma Business Visa upon arrival

Present the letter of invitation from the sponsoring company on the first study trip. I just put my eVisa online one business day. On arrival, tourists can no longer apply for a visa. What does Myanmar Business Visa on Arrival look like? A business visa is for applicants travelling to Myanmar for business purposes.

Do you come to Myanmar with business?

Do you come to Myanmar with business? A business visa is for travelers to Myanmar for business use. A business visa is required for a trip to Myanmar for up to 10 week (or 70 days) and is effective for travel within three month from the date of issuance.

We recommend that foreign nationals who are investing, staying and working in Myanmar should obtain a business visa. If you sign the rental agreement for an agency or open a banking acccount - they will take you seriously if you have a business visa.

Business visas allow a foreign national to remain in Myanmar for up to 70 or 10 week periods and to participate in a limited number of business operations described in the business visa request. You can also use a business visa to live in the rental flat of a business or in the home of a business partner.

You can define business use as follows:: N.B.: If you run a legal business, have a legal business license in your own jurisdiction and have never been refused access to Myanmar - you will have no difficulty getting a business visa upon arrival at Yangon, Mandalay or Nay Pyi Taw International Airport.

DCA requires all carriers that fly to Yangon, Mandalay or Nay Pyi Taw to assist business travelers in obtaining Visa-on-Arrival, i.e. you will have no problems getting on the aircraft as long as you have the relevant receipts. It' s very important that you verify your receipts before your Myanmar journey, otherwise you may be expelled on the aircraft you boarded if your papers are not inacceptable.

It is possible to spend up to 28 nights in the Dominican Republic on a tourism visa and is not allowed to engage in any business there. You must spend the night in a Ministry of Tourism authorized accommodation on a tourism visa.

There must be a harbour of entry: Applications are open only to citizens of the following countries: Applicants must have a current non-expired validity of at least 6 month after entering Myanmar, two recent (4cm x 6cm) colour photographs taken within the last 6 month and present the sponsor company's letters of invitations on the first business visit.

It is necessary to provide a copy of the business registration/business license/business permit that has been made out by the relevant government departments together with the request when working in Myanmar the name of the plant, the site, the sponsor as well as the post he has when doing business with a business visa.

Present letters of invitations from the relevant government departments if he wishes to participate in gatherings, training sessions, activities and festivities, may not perform work with or without fees other than the occupations specified in the visa request, present flight tickets to the place of travel when he applies for a visa for passage, live in accommodation in hotels, inns and inns with legitimate licences granted by the Government of Myanmar, in statutorily licensed facilities and garages, and in people' s homes and provide the exact location at which he will be staying.

Under-seven year olds who accompany their passports must obtain a free visa; be able to provide proof of parent/child relationships if the child is in possession of a stand-alone pass; not be permitted to enter prohibited areas without previous authorisation.

Reports to the immigration and national registration authority in Myanmar, stating the addresses of legal accommodation, lodgings, hotels, guesthouses, plants and shelters. Adhere to the On Arrival Visa Scrutiny and Issuing Team's decisions and request the visa upon arrival at the airport to either receive the visa request from Myanmar carriers or by downloading the visa request from this page.

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