Myanmar Business Visa Form

Burma Business Visa Form

ENTRY VISA/BUSINESS VISA APPLICATION. Burma Business eVisa - A travel guide for international business people. Incorrectly completed forms may delay the processing of your Myanmar visa. The Myanmar tourist visa application process in the UK is discussed on this page. SURVEILLANCE OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNION OF MYANMAR.

Prerequisites for applying for a business visa

Our interactive immigrant professionals can help you extend your time. Visas allow a 10 week period, which can be extended up to 12 month on a case-by-case base. Passports with visas of more than 6 month are necessary for all guests. To obtain an entrance visas, the application forms must be completed.

Burma Visas, Tourist Visas

As Myanmar attracts more and more overseas investors, the business card is becoming one of the most important of all Myanmar's type of viz. passports. But the issuance of a business permit by the consulates can cause discomfort. Before applying, you need the following: Your valid residency card must be valid for at least (6) month.

Visa, Master, American Express or JCB Visa or JCB Visa or JCB Visa or JCB Visa or JCB Visa or JCB American Express or JCB Visa cards for the payment of USD 110,00. Information on business visa processing: The eVisa authorisation is valid for 90 working day from the date of issue. The duration of your visit is (70) from the day of your day of destination in Myanmar. eVisa services are non-refundable.

It takes up to (3) working day. Please note that your e- visas are only effective for one travel. Reentry requires a new one. Currently, only three ( (3) airport gates are open for eVisas travelers to Myanmar: Common passportholders from the following 7 counties grant 14 day exemptions:

You can renew your business visa with the appropriate credentials from the Ministry. Passportholders from the following 50 states and Taiwan are entitled to request Business eVisa: For more information about Myanmar Visa or Myanmar Holidays, please call +84.966.698.385 (24/7 available).

Burma Business Visa

Authentic undersigned Myanmar Citizenship Card, issued 6 month after your visit to Myanmar, with at least one empty Myanmar Citizenship Card page. Modification pages on the back of the pass are not for Myanmar use. 2 new, same, 2 x 2 passports, in colour, front and with a simple/light back.

Visas and a copy of the passport request and the accompanying working process sheet. Signatures must be authentic on each and every sheet. Incorrectly filled out paperwork may slow down the process of your Myanmar visas. Provide an initial letters from the Myanmar Consulate General from the relevant employers or sponsors, presenting the candidate, specifying the applicant's job description, the type of businesses to be run, and applying for the Myanmar Visas.

It must also specify who will be the financial responsibility of the claimant during their stay in Myanmar, include details of how to get in touch with them in Myanmar and be subscribed by a chief executive (one representative of Vice President or higher). Notification of the sponsorship/hosting companies in Myanmar detailing the relation to the claimant and the purposes of the trip.

Furthermore, the cover must include the length of your visit, where you are and your host's details. The computer timetable of the carrier or tour operator or a copy of the airfare showing arrival and exit from Myanmar. Please note: Some people do not need a visas, others must appear in person, please do not hesitate to do so.

In order for us to be able to handle your application for a visas correctly and on time, you must enclose our order sheet. At the point where you enter your details for contacts and delivery, select the required handling of your visas and make your payments. Printout the filled out questionnaire and return it together with all other documentation to AllStar.

Burmese work on Myanmar vouchers usually takes 5-8 working day. Please submit all of the above applications to AllStar.

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