Myanmar Business Visa Bangkok

Bangkok Myanmar Business Visa

Tourist and business visas are accepted online. There are basically four types of visas issued by Myanmar embassies and consulates: Locations Bangkok, Thailand Business Services Yellow Sign Visa Myanmar. Single entry and multiple entry meditation visa. Coming from Bangkok to Yangon.

Bangkok Myanmar Visa, Burmese Embassy in Thailand

A regular touristic visa is a one-time entrance, good for a 28-day residence and good for three month. As soon as you present your filled out application at desk 4, you will receive a waiting line number, then you should take a seat and await your number to have paid your visa charge. Remember to check your Myanmar visa before you depart.

You need two pictures, one stuck on the request and one stuck on the request sheet. Where' s the Myanmar message in Bangkok? Surasak " on BTS (Skytrain) silom line is 5 minutes walking distance from the visa department of the consulate. 132, SATHORN NUA ROAD, BANGKOK 10500.

Myanmar Embassy's visa section in Bangkok is open from 9:00 to 12:00 (doors closing at 12:00). Visa pick-up takes place between 15.30 and 16.30.

Getting your Myanmar Visa in Bangkok

Myanmar (Burma) has become one of the most hot backpacking destination of recent years. From August 2013, you will be able to travel by land from some of the frontier cities that stand up to Thailand to the remainder of Myanmar.

Burma still needs all visa holders for more than one full days to get a visa. Fortunately for us it is very simple to purchase and we will tell you how we organized our Myanmar visa in Bangkok, Thailand! "The Embassy of the Union of the Republic of Myanmar" is at 132 Sathorn Nuea Road, in the Bang Rak neighborhood of Bangkok.

In case you would rather take a cab, the Thai adress is: 132, ????????????, ???????? ????????? ?????????????, 10500. When you arrive via the BTS stop, take the entrance on the lefthand side and walk in the Siam railway line towards Siam by the rail. You' ll be crossing Pan Road and the message is on the lefthand side.

Go up Pan Road to find the visa section of the school. Opening times of the dispatch are from 9 to 12 o'clock. This is a complete visa application list: What's astonishing is that besides the pass and the cash you get everything else right in front of the door!

A small delivery truck will be on the roads offering free request paperwork, paper clips, copies of your 3 Ba Ht pass for one copy (10c) and four photographs for 150 Ba Ht ($5). To get a better value for money for your pictures, go another 100 metres up the hill and there is a green plate with visa photographs on the lefthand side.

It costs 100 bahts ($3.50) for eight images. Grab one of your photographs and stick it in the space on the request sheet (the car has glue!), stick your copy of your ID and the second image together and put it in your ID card. It is very easy when it comes to completing your job applications.

All you need are the locations in Myanmar and Thailand and your job record. We' ve just laid down our Thai guest house where we spent the night, Googleed a Yangon hotels and laid down our last two job with changed workdays. Fella in front of us just used our Myanmar location for his overprint.

Once there, surrender your pass with all necessary documentation. Your staff member will verify that everything is in order and then ask you when you want to collect your pass (he will not take your papers with him yet). On the same date, the next working or in two working nights.

In order to collect it on the same date, you will need to provide confirmation of a Myanmar departure on the same date or early the next following mornings. And you don't need any evidences of how to get to Myanmar. If your number is dialed, go to the screen, submit all your documentation and then payment the charge.

Let me see the visa!!!!! Myanmar, next stop! With your Myanmar visa in place, you should definitely read our other hints and articles from this amazing world! Myanmar, next stop! The Thanon Pan - The road where the visa section is located. Snake to get your visa.

How to get the cheap passports. Hundred Bahts for eight pictures. First page of the job applications page. The second page of the request document.

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