Myanmar Business Visa Application Form

Burma Business Visa Application Form

On Arrival Visa Forms Forms For Business, entry visa, transit visa. - SISA visa application form. Download the Myanmar Business Visa Application Form and apply yourself or go through a visa carrier and get your Myanmar visa in a hurry. REQUESTING FOR ENTRY VISA BUSINESS VISA. Copy of Myanmar's commercial register extract.

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Applicants must have a current identity card that does not expire for at least 6 month from the date of arrival in Myanmar. obligated to submit a copy of the business registration/license/license of business permit that has been made out by the relevant government departments together with the application when working in Myanmar.

5. the name of the plant, the site, the sponsor and his or her post when doing business with a business visa. 6. to request the renewal of the visa on the advice of the affected departments and according to the current procedure if he is dealing with a business visa.

7. submit a written notice of invitations from the relevant government departments when attending sessions, work shops, events as well as rituals. 8. may not perform any work with or without costs other than the occupations specified in the visa application form. 9. show your flight to your final point when you apply for a visa for travel in transit. and

10. staying at any hotel, motel or guesthouse with legitimate licences granted by the Government of Myanmar and in any factory or workshop allowed by law or in an apartment for persons; and providing the exact location where he will be staying. 11 Myanmar government regulations, policies and regulations.

12. have issued a free visa to under seven-year-olds who accompany their passports; they can prove the connection between the child and its family if the child has a valid one. 14. to the Immigration and National Registration Bureau where he is staying in Myanmar, stating the addresses of legal accommodation, hostels, factories and garages, as well as housing for people.

16.adhere to the On Arrival Visa Scrutiny and Issuing Team's decisions. 17 Myanmar: 17.apply for Visa On Arrival at Airport Immigration Section to either obtain the application form from Myanmar carriers or by downloading the application form on this page.

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