Myanmar Business News Update

Burma business news update

Trade and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will begin her three-day visit to Myanmar tomorrow to attend the India Myanmar Business Conclave. Burma is a place to invest in. In this current newsletter you will find out what the most important innovations are. The Myanmar Legal and Business Updates (MLBU) is an online medium for providing up-to-date legal, regulatory and business news, files and information. Politics, showbiz, business opportunities, Myanmar tours and more.


One man fighting multi-level advertising showed up in a Yangon courthouse after being charged with defaming criminals via public service post. It is planned to take legal proceedings against mine operators for arrears of payment in bullion, but at least one operator is fighting. An 82 million dollar claim by the federal budget has taken the glory out of a goldmining firm that was able to win favorable deals with the state.

It was Amnesty International who contested a contribution by Kirin affiliate Myanmar Brewery to the army at the peak of the Rakhine conflict last year. In 2017-18, Myanmar transported a landmark quantity of 3.2 million tons of travel in the midst of ever-growing travel productivity, which has allowed the nation to maintain its cautiousness.....

Mr. U Thaung Tun has been named Chairman of the Myanmar Investment Commission and shares the view as to whether the professional advisor has the necessary expertise for this part. Snr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing and Vietnam's Deputy Defense Minister participated in the opening of Mytel, Myanmar's 4th telecommunications company, in Yangon today. Extensive reporting on Myanmar the latest developments, the latest developments and more.

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" Myanmar, also known as Burma, is facing its first elections in 25 years after decade-long isolations. In the last four years, the federal administration has loosened the regulations for commerce and investments and facilitated operations. As Aung Soe Min refers to some old-fashioned landscape, portrait and politics that were banned under six centuries of hard warfare.

Now, as the state has relaxed limitations on free speech and tourist visa, both artist and gallerist have enormous merit, he says. Previously an artist earned less than $100 (£65) for a picture, but now they get fivex more than that as the number of purchasers has increased.

Aung Soe Min says things are still pretty messy. Domestic and international companies are taking full use of the new possibilities. And so I chose to be in Myanmar forever to get engaged. "New and different kinds of restaurant appeared," he says. "There has been a significant increase in the rate of penetration of the web, even on the fixed and wireless networks.

Increasingly, more and more consumers are becoming acquainted with wireless technology, applications and web sites. Right now the cost is just $1. 50 and cell breakthrough has been spreading like wildfire. It'?s all right. However, despite the new possibilities, there are still businesses that face a challenge. However, an important change is the granting of nine bank licences to non-Myanmar Banks last year - making them the first non-German ownership institutions to be permitted to conduct operations in Myanmar.

As an advisor to an US mutual funds company, he has built up a network of telephone stores. He' s just been insisting on paying his 80 staff by wire remittance instead of bar. "There are still few debt and charge card payments, money is still paid for large acquisitions such as real estate and automobiles, and banking remains crude.

"I have to stay at my home until Monday with all this money. Whilst the reform is particularly noticeable in Yangon and other major towns, the vast bulk of the country's people are still predominantly peasantry. However, he sees the overall outlook for the company as good.

Now he says: "Tourists and businessmen are feeling good about going to Myanmar."

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