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Burma business news update

Burma News - Zee Business offers the latest news about Myanmar, Myanmar News Today, Top News about Myanmar, Update about Myanmar. Myanmar Investment Guide shows you exactly how to do business in Myanmar. The East Asia and Pacific Economic Update mit dem Titel "Sustaining Resilience. Extensive coverage of news, business and current events in Myanmar. Further reports can be found on the Asia Business Report website.

Myanmar Business Today

The Pizza Hut necklace from Yum Brand Inc. will completely withdraw chicken reared with certain antimicrobial agents in its US stores by 2022. China's threats to levy tariffs on US imported oils will affect a company that has skyrocketed in the last two years and is now valued at almost a billion dollars a months.

An Oxford Business Group (OBG) review of Myanmar will be published later this year to guide the reader through the country's long-awaited corporate law, which came into effect in December, taking into account its impact on investment. The Myanmar News Agency on Friday said Japan will contribute 5.549 billion yen (about $50.5 million) to the expansion of MIM.

Burma Archive - ASEAN Business News

Myanmar's trade unions have raised the basic pay for an eight-hour working week from 3,600 Kyat (US$2.65) to 4,800 Kyat (US$3.54). This is the first salary rise since Myanmar implemented a minimal salary as part of the government's labour reform in 2015. Burma has recently approved exports finance from seven of 13 overseas financial institutions active in the state.

This paper provides an overview of Myanmar's bank reform and investments in the area. Burma is one of the fastestgrowing Southeast Asian countries with great opportunity for international business to grow and expand. For more information on Myanmar's latest FDI trend and prospects for 2018, please see our latest paper.

Myanmar President U Htin Kyaw passed the new Myanmar Companies Act on December 6, 2017, which replaces the centuries-old Companies Act of 1914. Under the new Act, Myanmar's financial services industry aims to modernise Myanmar's social and environmental performance in line with best practice. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially visited Myanmar from 5 to 6 September.

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