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Burma Business News Today

Myanmar Investment Guide shows you exactly how to do business in Myanmar. Extensive coverage of news, business and current events in Myanmar. Burma's economic reports and analyses on foreign direct investment, including analysis of key sectors and investment opportunities. Burma News - Zee Business offers the latest news about Myanmar, Myanmar News Today, Top News about Myanmar, Update about Myanmar. We' re updating all journal download links from myanmar.

Myanmar Business Today

The Pizza Hut necklace from Yum Brand Inc. will completely withdraw chicken reared with certain antimicrobial agents in its US stores by 2022. China's threats to levy tariffs on US imported oils will affect a company that has skyrocketed in the last two years and is now valued at almost a billion dollars a months.

An Oxford Business Group (OBG) review of Myanmar will be published later this year to guide the reader through the country's long-awaited corporate law, which came into effect in December, taking into account its impact on investment. The Myanmar News Agency on Friday said Japan will contribute 5.549 billion yen (about $50.5 million) to the expansion of MIM.

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The Myanmar Businessman Today is Myanmar's biggest economic journal. This is Myanmar's first and only bi-lingual (English-Myanmar) financial paper and is marketed in Myanmar and Thailand. MMBT became one of the first overseas investment companies in Myanmar's transition period when Thailand's incumbent publisher TPN Medium 2012 took the plunge into the South East Asia country to launch the groundbreaking economic release of the Front├ęconomy.

Included in MBT are a number of messages including on Myanmar's economic, capital and financial, commercial opportunity, external relations, housing and construction, automotive, etc. The MBT also provides detailled reporting on ASEAN ( "regional") and annual financial statements. The MyanmarBusinessToday is aimed at expatriate and resident capitalists, businessmen, politicians, embassies and civil servants, and our advertising clients are those who are trying to address these marginalized groups in Myanmar.

Circulating 65,000 per week in two different markets, with over 170,000 one-time users per month and 620,000 page views per month, we offer the best solution for our marketers with abundant contents, excellent printing and excellent sales channels, communicating their message to the reader not only in Myanmar but also in Thailand, the second biggest Southeast Asian econ.

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