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a href= "/business/14286">Myanmar and Laos against illicit trade together

YANGON - Myanmar-Laos Central Level Front Panel will take action against illicit trafficking, inter alia in narcotics and weapons, according to the NCC. Myanmar imports 803,941 tons of heating energy during the two and a half year minibudget horizon, almost 90,000 tons of heating energy valued at 255 US dollars. Khin Maung Lwin, Deputy Minister of State at the Department of Commerce, said that the company's sales were EUR 780 million higher than in the same quarter last year.

Myanmar's heating import volume until 15 June this year was USD 885. According to the Ministry of Commerce, Myanmar last year import 708,680 tons valued at 629,530 million US dollars. Grab, a South East Asian flagship RideHailing services company, is planning to remain the Myanmar industry leaders with its new passenger and rider partner offers, said Alvin Loh, the company's current Myanmar countrymanager.

Myanmar published two Thursday morning news releases on its mineral extraction industry in an attempt to enhance openness and good government in the mineral extraction industry, including coal mines, precious stones and Java, as well as petroleum and arsenic. The FIRST Myanmar Investment Group (FMI), one of the five Yangon Stock Exchange quoted corporations, will continue to invest in four core segments - finance, health care, property and travel - after achieving records revenues in2018.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, revenues from caoutchouc imports fell during the two and a half year mini-budget season due to a decline in worldwide caoutchouc prices. In two and a half months, Myanmar was exporting more caoutchouc than in the year before. The apparel industry deserved US$ 759. $172 million from the CMP apparel business, $382 million more than in the same year.

Priority has been given by the Ministry of Trade to the textiles and clothing industry to support the exportsector. One of Myanmar's most prominent economist, Dr. Aung Tun Thet, has invited Indonesian businessmen to join the UN Global Compact at the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) in Yangon on 2 July for a anti-corruption rally.

Ye Min Aung, General Secreter of MRF, said 5 million tonnes of raw material this year. YANGON - According to the Asia World Foundation, the expansion of Angumaw Maungdaw Strait by the Asia World Foundation has completed up to 33 kilometres. An important contribution to many economical and socio-professional areas is the Angumaw-Maungdaw motorway.

Its life-sized street span 20 feet wide with a 6 inch high.

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