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Myanmar's communications are addressing changing corporate needs.

In order to meet these needs, about half a half of Myanmar magazines sent senior managers to a Yangon based modelling seminar from July 23-27. Yangon has a combined 300 printed magazines in print, underlining the high competitive pressure and the need for the necessary abilities and expertise for a company's success.

Anette Novak, head of the workshops, said she believes the workshops provided Myanmar's press executives with a tool to professionally grow their work. In addition, the workshops dealt with issues such as high print and sales expenses and the unsatiable need for education and skills-building. His Win, editor-in-chief of Mizzima Myanmar magazine and a trainee, added: "Anette Novak also talked about the continuing needs of the Myanmar press association if it is to act as an ethic and institutional element of Myanmar's democratic system, and advocated the establishment of a vocational education institution for the good of the whole Myanmar press group.

Attendees were asked to think beyond what has in many cases become deeply rooted mentalities and corporate strategies in the press. Industrial bribery is indigenous and there is often very limited accessibility to the needs of the sector. Meanwhile, just this week, in the meantime, two magazines were undetermined by the Country's Press Review and Registration Department for publicizing viewing on transformations in goverment and other perceived violations were moved.

During the week-long workshops, the focus was on satisfying consumers' needs, creative wrapping of a food item and foreshadowing the emerging environment of Myanmar's publishing industries. It was subdivided into lectures and discussions among all attendees and one-on-one tours of the office and editorial staff of the magazines present. Any help provided cannot come quickly enough with investors, both national and foreign, involved in Myanmar's border.

The Myanmar government publishes no specific economic policy objectives

YANGON, Myanmar - Myanmar's new administration on Friday published long-awaited but short set of objectives for the economy that promise to help farmers, industries and infrastructural developers, but without detail on certain industries and the governance of agribusiness. There were no peculiar ities or points of realization in the 12 points referred to as "vision".

And they did not tackle the part of the long-time reigning army, which despite the former disident Aung San.....

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