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Yangon, Birmanie, Myanmar Exchange Business Information Services, Yangon, Birmanie. Burma has everything to be the next "Asian tiger". Please visit www.rvo. nl or.

Here are answers/non-answers from information and communication technology companies contacted as part of our Myanmar project:. A Myanmar Securities Exchange Centre employee at Sule Pagoda Road updates business information on a whiteboard.

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As information technologies have evolved, many nations around the globe have used the accuracy, usability and distribution of information to change companies, governments and communities. Since many other divisions, organisations, companies and individual persons have abandoned the old ways and moved into the IT era, they should not be abandoned.

One of Myanmar's leading providers of e-government services to Myanmar's federal departments, banks and education facilities. Today, a large variety of business and community related events such as ads, newsletters, polls, marketing research, anniversary celebrations, photo exchanges and large online deals are carried out. Collaboration with business associates.

The 7Day Newspaper is a top business, economic, political and general newsletter of Yangon with the highest caliber messages and top stories from Myanmar and around the globe. The Internet Magazine is the premier IT magazine in Myanmar focusing on the latest technology, media coverage of hard- and soft-ware, IT industry movements in domestic and global communities, the latest gaming and electronics-products.

The Myanmar People Journal is also about taking brave steps: for the journal itself and for others out there. We' re the only journal in Myanmar that prints over 200 pages in full colour. That gives all pictures, mode Tipps and Beauty Seessions an increase of the qualitiy and the readers contentment.

The Crossroads is a quaterly journal issued in cooperation with the Directorate of Capital Expenditure and Business Administration of the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development. We are focused on business and investing in Myanmar. Whilst our free and unique edition includes representatives of governments and public servants (including the presidential office and ministries), embassies, UN agents and civic organisations, the book is designed to advise even international investor on the right way to invest in Myanmar.

It provides advice on Myanmar's business activities; industry specifics; industry research from privately held companies; hands-on information needed by institutional clients to establish an agency in Yangon; analysis of various stakeholders; and, last but not least, up-to-date economic information provided by the Central Statistical Organization.

The 7Day DAY is a Yangon and Mandalay based paper covering day-to-day affairs and trends in and around Myanmar and global newscasts. Launched for the first time on April 25, 2013 and almost a year after its release, The Daily has one of the highest coverage levels along with detailed and labeled editorials in supplement to the latest headlines and a host of newscasts.

His 32 pages are full of an interesting and informative mix of top stories, business, Mandalay stories, world politics, politics, sports, commodity watch and the much expected and widely held opinion and views. Our focus is on providing the general community with good-natured, reliable, high-quality information, with a particular focus on creating and promoting honour and trust, our mission being the most trusted paper in the world.

IMX organises professional tradeshows, launches, sales promotions and other shows in a highly imaginative and original way in collaboration with business organisations. The IMX provides MICE and organises professional shows, educational tradeshows, ICT shows and competitions in conjunction with community and business organisations and governments.

In addition, since 2010 it has founded a state-of-the-art print shop called 7Day Press, which offers the best print qualitiy for all jobbing. The machine is fitted with four-colour presses for good print results at sensible rates. Our commitment is to achieve the customer and the required level of service level. Sign up today to conserve your magazine purchase hours and benefit from the convenience of having your home read the latest regional and global press releases.

Myanmar Fascinating is a 100% owned and operated Yangon, Myanmar office. Some of the most loved cultural programs are visits to antique and beautiful places like Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake to experience the Bamar and other ethnic tribes' unassuming cultures, histories, architecture and way of life. In addition, we offer our service to business and academic research teams to organise business events, establish business relationships and make specific itineraries.

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