Myanmar Business Etiquette

Burma Business Etiquette

What about business labels in Myanmar? > Hello everyone! Managing a company, for example, is a matter of course for them. Survival guide to customs and etiquette. The focus of our business relationships is on building trust and friendship.

Burma Business Culture - Yes from No

It will come as no surprise to any investor who is well acquainted with Myanmar's cultural heritage that many Myanmar's residents do not provide immediate responses. How, then, can an entrepreneur say a true yes by someone who is supposed to mean no? A response like this can be ambivalent and makes you uncertain about the true intent of the individual you are asking.

Specifying an accurate date increases the probability that the individual will actually say yes or no, as it is an effective commitment. Usually, if the response to your particular query is "I need to review my schedule" or "I'll let you know", this means that the individual is not interested. Rather than saying openly, "I'm not interested," the individual will often divert the questions to be courteous.

An accurate date will definitely help, but you should also make sure that you continue with the individual. When you make an appointement a few weeks in advance, don't be amazed if the individual doesn't show up. In Myanmar, always make sure you have confirmed your dates. Following the no and yes approach, Myanmar almost always prefers to communicate indirectly.

When you are a natural human being, this can take some getting used to. It' always better to use phrases like "We must improve" than "Kyaw Thein, you're doing a horrible job". For example, if there is a problem atic in your commercial division, it is probably better to say: "The commercial division has problems".

Most of the time, the employees in the departments and in the companies know who the fighter is. In order to handle a responsible individual, we recommend that you take him/her to his/her private side.

Shops in Myanmar - a leader

Business in Myanmar differs from almost everywhere in the world because the mix of culture, ethnicity, developing industries and decade-long insulation creates an inviting but incalculable business climate. Because it is situated in Southeast Asia, Buddhism is deep-rooted and there are still many traditions from the Colonies, but this also means that English is widely used and many shared traditions will be well known.

Whilst business people should welcome each other with a squeeze of the hands, you should only shook a businesswoman's hands when she is presented to you - otherwise a small arc is sufficient, generally avoiding any man-to-woman outreach. In Myanmar, business contacts are everyday and - unlike in many other places - it is good practise to quickly browse the business contacts after they are presented to you.

Make sure that your credit cards show your impact in your business, as this increases the amount of regard the person has for you and the chances of further contacts. Since Myanmar's primary tongue is Myanmar, it is wise and greatly valued to learn the basics of Myanmar greetings, as well as some important facts about the land and town you are in.

However, most business encounters with multinational attendees are held in English, as the UK is a former empire. Business women also carry longyis, usually with a gown or bust. Overseas business people will find that elegant leisure clothing such as an elegant shirts or pants top is okay for most business gatherings due to the heats.

Business women should refrain from using clothes that show their feet or shoulder and take into consideration extremes of temperature and damp. Be patient is a good thing when doing business in Myanmar, and you will find that the readiness to make friends and promote confidence is crucial to making a business.

The other thing to bear in mind is that no business is definitive until the agreement is concluded - you need to make multiple contacts before a business is concluded, but Myanmar is known for its tradition of welcoming and open-mindedness, so the exchange of presents or favors can accelerate the progress and probably be refunct.

Establishing the right links is critical not only in terms of network, but also in terms of safeguarding business, and one way to achieve this is through reciprocal, trusting contacts - which applies to most of Asia. The Myanmar economy and policy are both male-dominated, but there is increasing feminine impact at the executive and within the state.

There is also a long history of esteem for the elder ly in business and industry, and it is therefore common to get up when they are indoors. Please be cognizant that the opposite is also the case, as some junior players bow very low when they come into the room.

This is gradually disappearing as we move towards a more liberal world, but it is best to be conscious of these mores. Although much of Myanmar is still keeping pace with the technology era - from banking to the country's infrastructures - things are moving fast due to the removal of penalties and the comeback of many of Myanmar's leading global finance and trading organizations.

Legislation has been developed to facilitate and promote currency and investments, and historic underinvestments in learning have been addressed, so that Myanmar's workers receive both academic and technical training. In addition to extensive investments in infrastructures and continuous technological and economical development, the state is gradually establishing itself on the world scene and is developing into an important goal for business and investmen.

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