Myanmar Business Culture

Burma Business Culture

Doing business in Myanmar requires patience and the willingness to make friends and build trust. Burma has a culture of hospitality and openness. Though Myanmar is a resource-rich country, its economy is among the least developed in the world. It will come as no surprise to investors who are familiar with Asian culture that many people in Myanmar do not provide direct answers. You' ll meet other cultures when you do business abroad.

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Doing business in Myanmar demands perseverance and the readiness to make friends and create confidence. It will be hard to try to do business without taking into account the culture and way of doing business. Asian people in general, and Myanmar included, do not like to use the term "no", which means that what Danish people think is a "yes" can be an effort to polite rejection and prevent the other person from losing face or pointing out that more discussion is needed.

Burma has a culture of friendliness and candor. The exchange of favors and favors is anchored in our societies. Myanmar uses'U' and'Daw' as equivalent of'Mr' and'Mrs' or'Ms'. The exchange of business contacts is usual in Myanmar. It is a good sign of respectfulness to take a moment to look at a business map.

A few folks use both your hand to swap maps. When you are going to travel to Myanmar for a long time or repeatedly, it may make sense to include double-sided maps in English and Myanmar text. A further important part of business in Myanmar is the need to be in the Philippines on a permanent and regular basis, as individual relationships are also important to the economy.

If you do business in Myanmar, it is important to take into account the many Myanmar bank holiday periods, 25 to 27 a year. The majority of privately owned companies are shut on bank holiday, but navigation and custom are usually open.


After most of the residual West sanction has been removed, Myanmar is formally open for business and businesses are storming in. After all, since the country formerly known as Burma has been locked to the outside worlds for so long, its culture is practically unfamiliar to most of the outside worlds, and this can make business here more difficuult.

Combining this with the fact that the state has had little exposure to West companies since before the advent of the web, and intercultural communications in Myanmar business is a mine field of upside. Luckily, the proper business label in Myanmar is not so different from other Asiatic nations, especially in neighbouring Thailand.

To make things even simpler, Myanmar's population is very warm-hearted, kind and sympathetic to intercultural difference and will generally not be annoyed by sincere errors or intercultural mischief. But the more you know before your first Burma business trip, the more laid-back you will be and the more excited you will be.

These are the best advice for doing business in Myanmar's culture. Will you have to take off your boots to go to an Myanmar school? For example, in Thailand footwear is usually used in the offices, but not in Myanmar. You will probably see a boot rest in places where they need to be taken off, and if you watch what other folks are doing, you will get a good picture of what you should be doing.

Are the Myanmarans shaking hands in business? In Myanmar's business culture, handshaking is customary with one reservation: there is no real response when it comes to gender handshaking. Myanmar, when they do business, they' re willing to shook hands. Myanmar. It' getting a little unsafe with the ladies.

You have a great option for international girls. You want to shook your hand, do it. So what should you put on to do business in Myanmar? In general, expatriates doing business in Myanmar should be wearing what they would be wearing in a similar setting in their home state. However, due to the warm and often damp climates in Myanmar, clothing tends to be less sober.

MYANMAR' s men and woman often wore old-fashioned clothes, but aliens do not have to. A business cashless wager is a good one in most cases. A very important comment on all this is for those who should not be dressed in this rather traditional culture. Knee-length tunics should extend to the knee and shoulder.

Does small talk matter in Myanmar? The Myanmar culture has something of a midway to small-talk which is not a long, complex ceremony, but also does not immerse itself directly in business dialog. In Myanmar, if you ever get bogged down in a discussion issue, Myanmar's residents are usually inquisitive about foreigners' perceptions of their land, culture and food.

Do you need to take a present to a business trip to Burma? Whilst giving is not a must at a first business event, it is certainly valued. An encounter in a different culture - especially one as unknown to most people in the worid as Myanmar - can be a frightening one.

Myanmar's inhabitants are famed for being kind, and they realize that culture exists as well as you do. In Myanmar, a straightforward grin goes a long, long way, especially to alleviate a situation that is unpleasant or awkward for you or your family.

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